XXXTentacion Tattoos & Their Meanings


Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy, popularly known as XxxTentacion (born on 23rd January 1998) was an American singer, rapper, and songwriter. He started his music career in the year 2013 on SoundCloud. He made a huge fan following during his short but great career not only because of his rapping style but also his unique tattoos. On 18th June 2018, he was shot dead by a murderer. To pay tribute to XxxTentacion, his fans started inking XxxTentacion Tattoo on their bodies. Xxx Tentacion tattoos are one of the most popular tattoos these days.

XxxTentacion Tattoo Collection

XxxTentacion loved inking tattoos on his body, all of his tattoos held significance and each tattoo of his was a representation of his thoughts and special events of his life. 

  • Alone Tattoo of XxxTentacion

Where?: Above his left eyebrow

For XxxTentacion this tattoo was a self explanatory one. He used to think that nobody knows you like the way you know yourself, nobody knows your feelings and it’s depth. Hence, you are all alone and all by yourself in this world. 

  • Numb Tattoo of XxxTentacion

Where?: Below his right eye

XxxTentacion had been through a lot of difficulties throughout his life, releasing that these difficulties, betrayal, pain are a recurring part of his life so as to overcome them the only option was to be numb to them and overcome those difficulties. This was the reason why he got the numb tattoo below his right eye in red ink. 

  • Broken Heart Tattoo of XxxTentacion
Where?: On the left side upper cheek bone

He mentioned in an interview that every single girl he had been with was a liar. Every time he had put his trust in someone he had been left with a broken heart. Another reason for getting this tattoo was that at the age of seventeen he was left all alone with a broken heart so he got himself that tattoo. 

  • XxxTentacion Clock Tattoo

Where?: On the left side of his face

He got himself inked with this tattoo to show how important time is for him. He said in an interview that “Time is Valuable… Don’t waste it. “

  • XxxTentacion Cleopatra Tattoo

Where?: On his Chest

XxxTentacion got this tattoo because of he was very close to his mother. His mother’s name was Cleopatra. He loved her a lot. At the age of six, he tried to stab the person who attacked his mother. To show his love he got himself this tattoo. This made him feel closer to her. 

  • 2 sets of 3 dots Tattoo

Where?: Above and below his right eye

XxxTentacion explained the meaning of this tattoo by tweeting about it. He said that they meant the begging, the rise, and the peak. 

  • FVCK PVRRP Tattoo
Where?: Inner right wrist

It showed his hatred for Spaceghostpurrp, who is an American rapper. 

  • Aiden Tattoo

Where?: Right inner forearm 

Aiden is his younger brother’s name. He got this tattoo to express his love towards him. 

  • BAD ViBES Tattoo

Where?: On his Eyelids

He started thinking that Bad vibes was a part of his life because of all the hardships he had faced. He got “Bad” inked on  his left eyelid and “Vibes” on his right eyelid. 

  • Bad Vibes Forever Tattoo

Where?: Inner right wrist 

This was the name of his movement which was inspired by the Teen Suicide song of the same name. Teen Suicide was his favourite band. 

  • Remember to Remember Tattoo

Where?: Right side of his neck

This Tattoo gave a strong message of remembering who you are, where you came from, and staying touch with your true self. It also conveyed the strong message that everything that has happened to you, your experiences are what makes you what you are right now.

  • Crescent moon Tattoo

Where?: On his right shoulder 

This is a symbol of psychic abilities, intuitions, wisdom and creativity. XxxTentacion never talked about why he got this tattoo but he said in his lyric “I think of you every time I think of the moon“ so it might be for his girlfriend. 

  • Ankh Cross Tattoo

Where?: Upper Abs 

This is an Egyptian symbol which represent life. 

  • Lines on Nose tattoo

Where?: On the Bridge of his nose 

This tattoo symbolises balance. 

  • Loyalty tattoo
Where?: bottom left jawline

This tattoo is self explanatory, it symbolises Loyalty that everyone values, XxxTentacion appreciated the few loyal people in his life. 

  • Death before Dishonor Tattoo

Where?: Right cheek

This tattoo symbolised his loyalty towards his friends, family and fans. He meant that he would rather prefer dying than betraying them. 

  • ‘WRAC’ Tattoo

Where?: On his right hand 

WRAC is an acronym of Wing Ridden Angel Cynthia. This was for his ex-girlfriend whose name was Cynthia. He got this tattoo to appreciate her for being always loyal to him. She was his first love. 

  • Elephant Tattoo

Where?: On his throat 

His ex-girlfriend, Cynthia loved elephants. XxxTentacion started liking elephants after he met Cynthia. So he got that tattoo out of love for her. 

  • ‘17’ Tattoo

Where?: Upper right corner of his forehead 

17 was his favourite number. He also released an album named 17 which had writing on it saying “my sanity left me when I was 17, my heart broke beyond repair when I was 17, I realized the pain is and always will be a cycle when I was 17.”

  • Leafless Tree Tattoo

Where?: On his forehead 

Xxxtentacion talked about this tattoo on a live stream, he said that this tattoo had some spiritual meaning behind it. When fans asked about what it was XxxTentacion refused to elaborate the whole reason behind it. 

  • Theatre Masks Tattoo

Where?: On his right Bicep 

These masks generally symbolize balance in life, ups and downs, Happiness and sadness, chaos and order. He got this tattoo because he had faced all these thought his life. 

  • ‘VR’ Tattoo
Where?: On the right side of his abs

VR all stars is an American hip hop collective formed by Broward county, Florida in 2014. Xxxtentacion was a member of this collective so he got the tattoo. 

  • Cry Baby Tattoo

Where?: On his right wrist 

This tattoo means that one should always be grateful in life and should not always complain about what he does not have, in other words, he should not be a Cry Baby. 

  • ‘RARE’ Tattoo

Where?: Below his right hand knuckles 

This tattoo is also related to his Very Rare ‘VR’ group. 

  • ‘KILL ME’ Tattoo

Where?: On his left hand

He got himself inked with this tattoo when he was at the lowest phase of his life. Some people have speculated that he had inked this tattoo because he admired Tyler, a YouTuber, because he had the same tattoo on his hand. 

  • ‘DEAD’ Tattoo

Where?: On his left hand

He probably got this tattoo to symbolize the depressive phase of his life when he got betrayed by everyone and was left dead inside because of it. 

  • Transmutation Circle Tattoo

Where?: On his right palm

XxxTentacion was interested in pseudoscience. Science through which we can convert mundane elements into gold. This is the reason why he got a Transmutation circle tattoo on his right palm. 

  • SYMBOLS Tattoo
Where?: On the fingers on his left hand

Random small symbols like sad smiley, III, heart were on the fingers of his left hand. 

  • ‘Run’ Tattoo

Where?: On the ring finger of his left hand

While what this symbolizes is unknown, it may be that in the depressive phases of his life he wanted to ‘RUN’ away from all the problems therefore got himself that tattoo later on to remember that phase and to not think about giving up ever again. 

  • VR with dots

Where?: On the inner side of his left forearm 

XxxTentacion got this tattoo because he was one of the members of VR. 

  • Eye of providence or the eye of Horus

Where?: On his right hand

The eye of providence means divine providence, the eye through which god watches over the entire humanity. The eye of Horus on the other hand is a Egyptian symbol which represent protection from evil. 


Like any other rapper out there XxxTentacion had got himself tattoos that represent important phases of his life. Most of his tattoos are related to the depressive phase of his life which he wanted to remember thought his life because by remembering them he got stronger. Some of his tattoos are dedicated to his loved ones, his mother, brother, his ex girlfriend Cynthia, people he admired the most and the VR collective that he was a member of.