Wiz Khalifa Tattoos & Their Meanings


Cameron Jibril Thomaz aka Wiz Khalifa is an American actor, rapper, singer, and songwriter. He has worked in movies like Dickinson, The After Party, etc. His song See You Again ft. Charlie Puth has one of the highest views on YouTube. Wiz has a huge fan following, he has got more than thirty million followers on Instagram. Apart from his songs he is also famous for his body. He has got tattoos all over his body. These tattoos represent and tell us about his life. Below is the list of some of the Wiz Khalifa tattoos with their meaning and the location of those tattoos on his body. 

Wiz Khalifa Tattoos On His Body

  • Star Tattoo

Where?: Near his right eyebrow 

A star tattoo is a symbol of protection and guidance. This one is the only tattoo on his face, he does not want on his face other than this one. 

  • Shark Tattoo

Where?: On his back

Shark tattoo represents strong will power and determination. It is a symbol of extreme dominance, victory, achievement, etc. He got this tattoo to remember the dark days he had faced in the early stages of his life, how he got through them and how it made him stronger. 

  • Sir. Martin Luther King Jr. Quote Tattoo

Where?: On his stomach 

The quote reads “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of controversy and challenge”. Wiz said that he got this tattoo when he gained his senses and wanted to become a better man in life. He also idolizes Sir. Martin Luther King Jr. 

  • Moustache Tattoo
Where?: On his index finger

It is speculates that this tattoo is a style statement to him. 

  • Amber Rose Tattoo

Where?: On his left feet

Amber Rose is his  ex-wife. The couple got each other’s tattoo tatted on their bodies when they were in a relationship. Wiz still hasn’t got it removed after splitting. 

  • Musical Note Tattoo

Where?: On right side of his neck

He has musical notes inked all around his neck. He got this tattoo because he loves music and respects it. 

  • Koi Fish Tattoo

Where?: On right side of his neck

In Japanese tradition Koi Fish is a symbol of good luck, fortune. In Buddhism it represents courage. 

  • 4 1 2 Tattoo

Where?: On his chest

412 is the area pin code of Pittsburg, it is where he used to live. He got this code tatted on his body to always be near his home whenever he travels. 

  • SUPR STAR and Clouds Tattoo
Where? On his knuckles and hands

Wiz has got a lot of tattoos tatted on his hands most significant of which are the SUPR STAR and Clouds tattoo. SUPR STAR means Super Star. 

  • Wiz Khalifa Tattoo

Where?: On his right arm

It is his stage name. He has also got ‘Self Made’ and few quotes tatted on his arms. Some tattoos like ‘Live Now’, ‘W’ logo which stands for Washington nationals, and ‘Believe’. 


Wiz Khalifa has a lot of tattoos tattooed on his body most of which are about his passion and love for music. He has got quotes of his role models like Sir Martin Luther King, etc. Wiz Khalifa has not forgotten about his hometown, he got its pin code tattooed on his chest to always be there no matter where he goes. He had his ex-partner’s initials tattooed on his body. Wiz also has spiritual messages quoted on his body which always remind him to strive towards being a better man in life. All his tattoos are detailed and tatted with a deep message behind them.