20 + (Marijuana) Weed Tattoos & Their Meanings


There are lots of designs in the tattoo world that are attracting humans of all age groups regardless of them being a teen or an adult. These tattoos are becoming more and more popular in the current generation. The tattoo artists have to come up with new ideas and designs each day in order to meet the demands of their customers. These designs are beautiful and make you look cool. Weed tattoos are one such type of tattoo design that are becoming popular among the youth. 

Significance of Weed Tattoos:

Weed or cannabis is a type of medicinal plants which is known to heal different types of diseases like bleeding, hemorrhages, if taken in small quantity. But people also use it for substance abuse which is why it has a ban on commercial use by different countries. Even after the ban, one can buy it in the black market and people use it to get high. Due to its benefits, many people are in support of legalizing the use of the plant and as a form of protest, they are opting to weed tattoo designs on their bodies.

Preferable Body Parts To Get Weed Tattoos:

  • Men and Boys

Weed tattoos are very popular among men and boys who love to sport the smoking culture. Most men prefer to get these tattoos on their shoulders, and arms while some men like to get them on their chest and abdomen area with big designs weed leaves and plants mainly in bright colors. They also like to get it in the back area and flaunt the same in a shirtless look.

  • Women and Girls:

The weed tattoo is not only for men. Many women and girls are also flaunting these weed tattoos nowadays. The most preferred spots for women and girls are shoulders, naval, thighs, bust area, lower back, calf, neck, back area and arms. They also like to flaunt the fact that they are using art as a form of protest.

Trending Weed Tattoo:

  • Tribal Weed Tattoos:

The tribal tattoo design is the most popular among the weed tattoo designs. It looks chic and is by the native American art form which is makes it quite unique. It is suitable for both men and women. 

  • Skull Weed Tattoo:

This tattoo includes smoke emerging from the leaves which are taking the shape of a skull. The skull weed tattoo signifies the addiction of weed plant and its effects on humans. It represents those who like to do things differently.

  • Flower Weed Tattoo:

The flower Weed tattoo are in trend these days and there are many unique designs available in the same. It includes a combination of flowers and floral designs along with insects like butterflies, honey bee etc.

  • Weed Tattoo On Full Back:

People these days also prefer to get the weed Tattoo designs on their entire back area as there’s a lot of space which makes it easier to get many things rather than sticking to just one thing.

  • Full Sleeve Dragon Weed Tattoo:

The Dragon Weed tattoo is done on full sleeve which gives your arms a fuller look. This Weed tattoo will represented with combination of various images or objects involved in it.

  • Wrist Weed Tattoo:

These are minute tattoos done on your wrists. This is very specific for people who don’t like large tattoos are prefer minimal tattoos. It just includes the leaves of weed.


Weed Tattoos are increasingly becoming popular nowadays. There are a variety of designs to choose from. These tattoos are significant in terms of both the design as well as the purpose. However, its not always for the support of the legalization of weed that people get the weed tattoo. Most people get inked to spread the ill effects of Weed on health, by getting the skull weed Tattoo design. However these tattoos are supercool and look chic on the body regardless of the cause. So people who just want to get it done for fun can get it done by a professional tattoo artist.