Tyler Joseph Tattoos & Their Meanings


Tyler Joseph is an American rapper, singer, songwriter and record producer. He is popularly known for being the front man of the popular musical duo called Twenty One Pilots. Joseph was born on 1st December 1988 in Columbus, Ohio. He is the eldest child in his family. He was the main brain behind his band called Twenty One Pilots which was established in 2009 in Columbus. Lets have a look at some of the Tyler Joseph Tattoos.

Tyler Joseph Tattoos

Tyler has got nine tattoos on his body. All the tattoos have a meaning behind them but Tyler has chosen not to share that on any public platform. However, he has said that he would love to tell his fans the meaning behind his tattoos privately if they ask about it. The fans came up with their own theories about the meanings behind Tyler’s tattoos. 

Tyler Joe’s tattoos with their meanings

  • Thin band with three dots Tattoo
Where? – Left wrist

Tyler got a tattoo with three thin bands along with three dots inside the bands. According to the fans, this tattoo represents his struggle with self harm. Some people who are trying to deal with self harm wear rubber bands and snap them when they feel like doing self harm in order to avoid getting hurt otherwise. The three dots inside the thin bands represent a phrase “Me vida loca” which means ‘my crazy life’. 

  • Set of distinct symbols tattoos
Where? – Right forearm

The four symbols are distinct from each other and according to certain theories all four symbols represent a phrase. These four phrases are ‘‘I will tell you what I can’,’ but your mind will take a stand’, ‘I sing of a greater love’ and ‘let me know when you have had enough’ respectively. 

  • Four rectangles tattoo
Where? – Left side of the chest

The four rectangles tattoo on the left side of Tyler’s chest represents a source of guidance in his life. But that is just what the fans think. The actual meaning of the tattoo might differ. 

  • X in the square tattoo
Where? – Right side of the chest

The X inside the square tattoo, located on the right side of Tyler’s chest is actually a full figure of hourglass not just an X inside a square. The hourglass represents that time is running out and that the life is really short. 

  • C with X tattoo
Where? – Inner side of right bicep

This tattoo has a C attached with an X. Tyler got this tattoo as tribute to the people of Columbus, the hometown he grew up in. 

  • Roman Numerals Tattoo
Where? – Inner side of right bicep

The roman numeral tattoo of Tyler translates to 43:16:33 which is actually a verse from The Bible. The verse says “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world, you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” 

  • Shape patterns tattoo
Where? – Right Arm

The different shapes that make this tattoo can easily be decoded into the phrase, “Carpe Noctem” which means “Seize The Night”. 

  • Two exclamations tattoo
Where? – Left Bicep

This tattoo looks like two exclamations but it is actually a cross. The cross represents the light Tyler can now experience by following the path of God.

  • Bands tattoo
Where? – left arm

There are three thick bands tattoo on Tyler’s left arm. These armband tattoos represent the sufferings and the hardships of the singer’s painful life in the past. 

  • Josh tattoo
Where? – Right Leg

This tattoo is basically the name of the drummer of Tyler’s band. Tyler is very close to him since he started his band with Josh. 


Tyler is a very popular singer who has gone through very dark and depressing phases in life. Tyler Joseph tattoos demonstrates his struggles and how he overcame his painful past. These tattoos serve as a reminder of the things he went through and how strong those experiences has made him. Tattoos play an integral part in overcoming difficulties and serving as a reminder of the harsh phases of life.