Tree Of Life Tattoos & Their Meaning


Mother Nature has provided us with a lot of things. It is the most prominent symbol of strength when it comes to the elements of the universe. So that makes trees a symbol of Power too. Trees also help in producing oxygen that helps the living organisms to grow. So in order to show respect for trees, people many times get the tree of Life tattoos. These tattoos are available in different designs which are unique and look classy and fabulous. They represent growth and life and their leaves symbolize different meaning as well. This tattoo is in association with eternity, wisdom and knowledge.

Table of Contents 

  • Tree of Life Tattoo significance and meanings
  • Preferable body parts to get the tattoo on
  • Trending Tree of Life Tattoos

Tree of Life Tattoos Significance And Meanings

Just as the trees provide so much to us and have a lot of meanings associated to it, the same way tree tattoos have a lot of meanings associated to it. Trees appear as a symbol of life and death in Egyptian culture and mythologies. It is the home of dragons and phoenix and represent spirit and resurrection in Chinese mythology. In Celtic culture, the trees are a symbol of fertility as they bear fruits. The tree is Life is the midst preferred tattoo when it comes to tree tattoos.

Preferable Body Parts To Get The Tattoo:

A tree of life tattoo can be anywhere the person wants it to be. It could be any body part from your arms, wrists, hands, neck to your waist, back, thighs and ankle. It depends on the person where they would like to make the tattoo. Some people also prefer their tattoos on their hips, chest or on the calf. These areas are really popular to get tattoos.

Trending Tree Of Life Tattoos:

Tree of Life Tattoo

The tree of life tattoo has a visually intriguing design and represents the meaning of life, eternity, wisdom and knowledge. It is also a connecting link between heaven and earth. 

Celtic Tree of Life Tattoo

The Celtic tree of Life tattoo, even though has some similarity with the standard form, is quite different as it has its own unique designs which make it different. It represents harmony and balance.

Family Tree Tattoo

The family tree tattoo is a beautiful way to honor your near and dear ones as it represents your family tree which includes your loved ones. These tattoos are intensively detailed and unique.

Pine Tree Tattoo

The pine tree tattoo makes a fantastic tattoo and it is also the most easily recognisable tattoo because of the tree design. Different species of pine tree represent different meanings. It is a symbol of peace for the Iroquois tribe.

Cherry Blossom Tree Tattoo

The cherry blossom tree tattoo represents life and beauty surrounding us. It’s the most eye-catching and beautiful tattoo because of its flower’s pink hues.

Willow Tree Tattoo

The willow tree tattoo represents sorrow. It is mostly for people who want to honor a lost loved one as a sign of grief. These also include the name or date of death of the person who had passed away as a tribute and remembrance.

Oak Tree Tattoo

The oak tree represents family bonds, importance of life and patience. The oak tree is known for its deep roots hence it emphasizes on the strong foundation between people.

Palm Tree Tattoo

The palm tree tattoo acts as a symbol of exotic locations and beaches which secretly reminds you of the goals you’ve to achieve in life in order to reach to those places. The palm tree is also considered as a symbol of Jesus and is featured in Bible.

Other trending tree tattoos

Apart from the aforementioned tree tattoos, there are also other tattoos which are high in demand and people often go for these too. These include the bonsai tattoo, Joshua tattoo, Redwood tree tattoo, aspen tree tattoo, evergreen tree tattoo, olive tree tattoo, tree branch tattoo, tree silhouette tattoo etc. 


The decision of getting a tattoo should be taken seriously. There are a lot of tattoos designs available to choose from so one should think over it before getting a tattoo. However a person can also get a tattoo done if they find the design pretty without knowing the hidden meaning behind it. It all depends on the person. There are many different species of trees with their unique symbolism. For instance, the tree of life is associated with eternity and wisdom, while the Joshua plant is linked to resilience hence the meaning behind the designs allow you to find something which represents the values that are important to you. Alternatively, small and straightforward tree silhouettes make just as much of a statement and make you look chic.