Thomas Almeida Tattoos & Their Meanings


Thomas Almeida is a famous Brazilian professional mixed martial artist. He has various tattoos which are quite famous among his fans. Thomas started his professional MMA career in November, 2011. He currently is competing in the Bantamweight division. The MMA personality is also known as Thomasinhas. The most famous of Thomas Almeida tattoos is the tribal arm tattoo. Below, lets read about his various tattoos and their meanings.

Thomas Almeida Tattoos

Famous Thomas Almeida Tattoos

Surname Tattoo of Thomas Almeida

Where?: Right waist line

Thomas was born on 31st July, 1991 to father Sergio Almeida and mother Lucila Pinto. This tattoo is in italicized fonts. He got this tattoo as a tribute to his family name.

Surname Tattoo of Thomas Almeida

“Familia” Tattoo of Thomas Almeida

Where?: Nape of his neck

Thomas’s love for his family is evident by his two family related tattoos. “Familia” is a Spanish word that stands for “Family”. It is one of his newest tattoos.

"Familia" Tattoo of Thomas Almeida

Tribal Bicep Tattoo

Where?: Left Bicep

The most notable of his tattoo is the tribal design tattoo on his bicep. This tattoo also includes the face of a samurai. This was his first tattoo ever. It earlier consisted of only some of the components. He later modified and added more designs into it.

Tribal Bicep Tattoo

Tribal Arm Tattoo

Where?: Below the left bicep tattoo

Right below the samurai tribal tattoo is the arm tribal tattoo. He got it as an addition to the bicep tribal tattoo. Tribal tattoos are quite famous among MMA fighters and shows their strong cultural roots.

Tribal Arm Tattoo

Back Tattoo of Thomas Almeida

Where?: Across his spine

There is an unknown script tattoo on his back. The meaning of this tattoo is not yet known. Neither is the language quite clear.

Back Tattoo of Thomas Almeida


Tattoos of Thomas Almeida depict his strong cultural hold and love for his family. The details about the tattoos and their location is also mentioned in the article. Hope, that you are able to draw some tattoo inspiration from your favourite MMA fighter.

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