Best Sun Tattoo for Women & Their Meanings


People, nowadays love art and tattoos are the perfect way to express their love for it. There’s always a hidden meaning behind every tattoo. Some people get inked to remind themselves to be brave or preserved some memories while others get tattoos to appreciate the at form. It is basically a way to express yourself by connecting with your inner self. These tattoos are pretty much in these days. The sun, being the symbol of life, energy and light is the most preferable tattoo designs. The sun tattoos are in high demand was they provide an ideal base for creativity and inspiration. It instantly brightens your day and make you feel happy. There are a wide range of sun tattoo designs available so you can even get to choose from those designs as per your preference.

Table Of Contents

  • History of Sun Tattoos
  • Meanings and significance of sun tattoos
  • Preferable parts to get inked
  • Trending designs

History Of Sun Tattoos

The sun used to be considered as the centre of the universe once upon a time. Many ancient civilizations and tribes used to worship the Sun and considered it to be God. The sun, according to them is the symbol of life and power. It is a sacred form of energy which is believed by many people till date. Thereby many people still worship the Sun as a god. Soaking in the Sun has many benefits which means that even after being so far away, it still has such strength to provide us with so many benefits. The Aztecs, Celtics, Harappans, Mayans etc. used to pray for prosperity and peace to the Sun.

Meanings and significance of Sun Tattoos

The sun symbolizes great energy and provides energy to the Earth by emitting heat even when it is a million light years away from the it. It releases heat which is enough to cover the entire planet during the day. Life on Earth wouldn’t have been possible without the Sun. The earth would have been a cold and dark planet. The sun tattoo can be a symbol of that appreciation. It also represent passion and desire. The Sun’s burning rays could be a representation of passion that could be for anything or anyone. It also represents faith, bravery, power and happiness.

Preferable body parts to get Sun Tattoos

 The sun tattoos can be placed anywhere on your body. Most women prefer to get it at the back of your neck as the sun tattoo will accentuate your backbone, which will make you look amazing. Most men prefer to get inked on their arms, legs or shoulders as those body parts are the most noticeable. These places are ideal as it is easy to flaunt your tattoo there.

Trending Designs

The sun and moon design

It is one of the most popular designs. The sun and the moon tattoo represents the two sides, “yin” and “yang,” which represent the meaning of finding balance in life. People prefer to get the sun and moon tattoo together even though the sun and the moon are thought to have opposing energies because when they combine, they form a strong union. It represents the union between man and woman as the sun is a symbol of life and energy, while the moon represents instincts and emotions. This tattoo also represents the subconscious, unconscious, and the unknown. It also represents the balance and harmony of a person’s character. It is ideal for couples too where the man gets the sun and the woman gets the moon.

Tribal sun tattoos

The tribal sun tattoo is also a very popular tattoo design. The tribal style gives a unique and bold tattoo. This design is mostly popular among Chinese, Japanese, and Hindus. It focuses on the partnership of life and the sun and represents leadership, strength, light, and creativity.

The Celtic sun tattoo

It a popular tattoo among men and women. This tattoo represents healing, fertility, and the source of life. 

The black sun tattoo

The black sun tattoo represents the beginning of something new and the end of something old. It is in association with transitions of Sun from dusk and dawn. Some people believe that the black sun is the symbol rebirth. 

Minimalist Sun Tattoos

Minimalist Sun Tattoos are the perfect tattoo designs for people who don’t like to show off huge tattoos and like to keep it simple. These are cute and charming.

Chandelier Sun Tattoos

Chandelier sun tattoos always look beautiful and evocative regardless of its location. It consist of stars, moon etc. along with the sun. It’s mostly popular among women. 

Shaded Sun Tattoos

The shaded sun tattoo had some shading in it and appear to be aesthetic. People with rebellious personalities mostly get this tattoo.

Dark Sun Tattoos

The dark sun tattoo is to represent your inner turmoil and conflict. They come in all shapes and sizes and look attractive, bold, mysterious, and cool.


The sun tattoos are perfect for anybody as it looks really cool. Most people get it as they resonate with a specific design and its meaning but it is not necessary to know the meanings behind these tattoos. However a little knowledge won’t harm anyone. Before getting a tattoo, a person should do their research as to what tattoo they want to get on their body as it is very important. One should always go to a professional in order to get the number of designs available and choose what they want and also for the guidance.