Steven Brault Tattoos & Their Meanings

Steven Joseph Brault (born on 29th April 1992) is a professional baseball pitcher from America. He is a pitcher for the Pittsburgh Pirates of Major League Baseball (MBL). He is a tattoo lover and has got several tattoos on his body which we will explore in this article. Let’s look at some of the Steven Brault tattoos.

Steven Brault Tattoos On His Body

Samurai Face Tattoo of Steven Brault

Where?: Left Bicep

Steven has a Samurai mask tattoo on his bicep. It is a symbol of strong culture and protection which is quite popular in Japanese culture.

Unaunahi Tattoo of Steven Brault

Where?: Right Forearm

Unaunahi is fish scales tattoos that are there on his right forearm. These are linked in the colors green, pink, yellow, and magenta. The backside of his hand also has fish scales which are of a little brighter shades.

Polynesian Tattoo

Where?: Right Shoulder

This tattoo of his is on his shoulder which goes down his pec. It is a symbol of social identity. It stands for courage and intellectual strength.

Samurai And Dragon Combo Tattoo

Where?: Left Pec

There is a combo of dragon and samurai tattoo on his left pec. Its a symbol of strength in Japanese culture.

Fish Scale Tattoos

Where?: Left Forearm

Steven’s left forearm is covered with black and white fish scale tattoos. Fish is a symbol of determination, wealth, and good luck.


Most of Steven’s tattoos are on his hands and chest. They are symbolic, mostly representing cultural strength. There are only a few of his tattoos that are exposed to the fans. He is a very private person and doesn’t show his tattoos much. We will update you if we get to know about any more of his tattoos. Let’s hope you did draw some inspiration for your future tattoo.