20 + Steve O Tattoos & Their Meanings


Stephen Gilchrist Glover is a British-born American television personality, comedian, stunt performer, and television entertainer. He was born in Wimbledon, London, on 13th June, 1974. He is professionally known as Steve-O. His entertainment career is mostly centered on his stunts. He has appeared in American television series like Jackass: The Movie (2002), Jackass Number Two (2006), Jackass 3D (2010), as well as its spin-off series Wildboyz (2003-2006). Lets have a look at Steve-O Tattoos.

Steve O Tattoos

Steve-O Tattoos on his body

Steve-O has a fun-loving and interestingly crazy personality. His crazy and wacky tattoo designs are unique in its ways. He himself calls his tattoos idiotic and dumb, he is known to be ‘king of bad tattoos’, he has total 30 tattoos on his body. The following is the list of tattoos that he has on his body. 

  • ‘Own Portrait’ Tattoo
Where?: On his Back

His entire back has a realistic tattoo of his face with his both thumbs up with his signature withyeah dude I rockwritten on it. 

‘Own Portrait’ Tattoo of Steve O
  • ‘SHIT FUCK’ Tattoo
Where?: His knuckles
‘SHIT FUCK’ Tattoo of Steve O
  • ‘XYZ’ Tattoo

Where?: His right arm

XYZ is a clothing company that went out of the business.

‘XYZ’ Tattoo
  • ’Man, and Ostrich’ Tattoo

Where?: His left arm

The left arm Steve has quite sensational tattoo with a man and an ostrich which seems like man is banging the bird which seems an idiotic. However, this tattoo got slightly burned and then he had to modify this tattoo into ‘man and ostrich riding a bike’ by adding the bike on the burned area.

’Man, and Ostrich’ Tattoo
  • ‘PRISON LOVE’ Tattoo

Where?: His right arm

Picture of naked man behind bars with the word ‘PRISON LOVE’ inked in his arm.

  • ’FLOWER’ Tattoo

Where?: His left forearm

Flower tattoo with wording ‘LIVE TO RIDE, RIDE TO LOVE’.

’FLOWER’ Tattoo
  • ‘Fat Lady’ tattoo

Where?: Right portion of his torso

A hilarious tattoo with an outline of a fat women in a sitting position. Guess what it signifies?

‘Fat Lady’ tattoo of Steve O
  • ‘Tribal’ Tattoo

Where?: His left Shoulder

This is Inked to represent some sort of traditional values, social status, and family identification.

‘Tribal’ Tattoo
  • ‘weird penis’ Tattoo

Where?: His right arm

Another inexplicable ink on his body is a weird penis tattoo which seems like a cartoon penis with coloured wings on his right bicep.

‘weird penis’ Tattoo
  • ‘SATAN’ Tattoo

Where?: His right arm

A baffling Satan tattoo us engraved in the form of a Christian fish.

 ‘SATAN’ Tattoo

Some Other Famous Steve O Tattoos

  • ‘ME’ Tattoo
Where?:  Right chest

Shows self-obsession about oneself

‘ME’ Tattoo
  • ‘Billy Bob’ Tattoo

Where?: Left shoulder

A tattoo copied from Angelina Jolie’s Tattoos; this is one of them.

‘Billy Bob’ Tattoo of Steve O
  • ‘Jackass Movie’ Tattoo

Where?:  Left side of his back

A tribute to the film, with a smiley face inked on his back.

‘Jackass Movie’ Tattoo of Steve O
  • ‘Red Pentagram’ Tattoo

Where?: Left shoulder

Symbol for Protection against the evil spirits.

‘Red Pentagram’ Tattoo of Steve O
  • ‘Sonny’s bar and Grill’ Tattoo

Where?: Right shoulder

‘Sonny’s bar and Grill’ Tattoo
  • ‘Khmer Script’ Tattoo

Where?: Right side of his back

‘Khmer Script’ Tattoo of Steve O
  • ‘Unfinished lightning Bolt’ Tattoo

Where?: Right hand

‘Unfinished lightning Bolt’ Tattoo of Steve O
  • ‘Baby Self-Portrait’ Tattoo

Where?: Right Forearm

‘Baby Self-Portrait’ Tattoo of Steve O
  • ‘Your Name’ Tattoo

Where?: Right Buttock

‘Your Name’ Tattoo of Steve O
  • ‘Palm Tree’ Tattoo

Where?: Right Wrist

‘Palm Tree’ Tattoo of Steve O
  • ‘Two-Hands’ Tattoo

Where?: Left side of his ribcage

‘Two-Hands’ Tattoo of Steve O
  • ‘5+4=9’ Tattoo
Where?:Right arm
‘5+4=9’ Tattoo of Steve O
  • ‘Celtic batman’ Tattoo

Where?: Neck

‘Celtic batman’ Tattoo of Steve O
  • ‘Smiley face’ Tattoo

Where?:Left Arm

‘Smiley face’ Tattoo of Steve O
  • ‘Misfit E. Newman’ Tattoo

Where?: Left Arm

‘Misfit E. Newman’ Tattoo of Steve O
  • ‘Self-Portrait’ Tattoo

Where?: Left Forearm

‘Self-Portrait’ Tattoo of Steve O
  • ‘Cross of saint peter’ Tattoo

Where?: Left Shoulder

‘Cross of saint peter’ Tattoo of Steve O
  • ‘Undefined’ Tattoo

Where?: Left Leg

‘Undefined’ Tattoo of Steve O
  • ‘I Have A Small Weiner’ Tattoo

Where?: Right Arm

‘I Have A Small Weiner’ Tattoo of Steve O
  • ‘I Love to Bone’ Tattoo

Where?: Right Arm

‘I Love to Bone’ Tattoo of Steve O


Steve-O is basically a person with unique and crazy tattoo all over his body which dully shows his funky and idiotic personality, his sarcastic mind. And when it comes to his carelessness, it’s clear that he doesn’t care about what others will think of him. He is just happy with all his tattoo collection in his body. Having this level of carelessness is something that everyone needs in this generation where other point of view of us is more important.

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