Best Spartan Tattoos & Their Meanings

Large parts of the opposing forces of the city-states of Greece met instant defeat during the Spartan war. The Spartans, during a particular period, were the most experienced as well as the strongest of all. They used to carry large spears, chest plates, bronze cuirasses, leg greaves, shields, and helmets as their battle equipment. These soldiers were brave, strong with an amazing endurance level. Their authority and power were a point of respect for every man. The Spartans were masculine warriors whose honor and discipline are still of huge regard for people even today. Hence, people are showing their respect in the form of Spartan tattoos. These tattoos are often for soldiers as they are great warriors themselves.

Trendy Spartan Tattoos

Dark Spartan Warrior Tattoo

The dark Spartan tattoo looks masculine when you get it in all-black ink. These are the most popular Spartan tattoos and represent honor and strength. 

Spartan Tattoo Sleeve

Mostly all Spartans used to wear a helmet for a battle which is why we call it the Spartan helmet tattoo. This tattoo looks extremely cool.

Spartan Warrior Tattoo

The Spartan warrior tattoos are compelling and edgy as it makes you stand out in the crowd. It is also a great cover-up tattoo.

Spartan Helmet Tattoos

If you don’t want your tattoo to be large in size and catchy, then the Spartan Helmet tattoo is the right choice for you. It’s still powerful regardless of its size.

Hand Spartan Tattoos

These tattoos are small in size and are especially for your hands. You can hide it from the world or flaunt it if you want. 

Spartan Shield Tattoos

The Spartan shield tattoo looks really cool and makes everyone notice you. It represents your protective nature and it can also be used as a great cover-up.

Traditional Spartan Tattoo

The traditional Spartan tattoo is the perfect choice for you if you’re someone who’s not afraid of turning his body into art.

Spartans 300 Tattoo

This tattoo is inspired by the movie 300 which shows the battle of Thermopylae. It’s basically a mixture of the Spartan helmet tattoo as well as the Spartan warrior tattoo. You can add a red ink to your tattoo to make it more prominent.


Spartan tattoos look really masculine and powerful. Even then, it can be worn by both men as well as women. They are capable of grabbing all the attention that you can get. There are a lot of meaningful battles fought representing different meanings which you cm reflect by getting a Spartan tattoo. Having said that, you should always opt for a professional tattoo artist if you want to get inked. There are numerous designs available to choose from. Be confident about your choice and just go for it.