Shayne Smith Tattoos & Thier Meanings


Shayne Smith is an American comedian and podcaster who is best known for his comedy as well as his tattoos. He does dark comedy, observational comedy, and surreal humor. He released a special called ‘Prison of Wizards’ which got popular. Shane is also regarded as ‘Comedy King Of Tattoos’ by some because of his tattoos. His fans have even tried to copy his tats. Below are some of his tattoos with their meanings. 

Tattoos on Shayne Smith’s body

  • Massive Bear Tattoo

Where?: On his abdominal area

Bear Tattoos represent strength, protection, power and confidence.

  • Honor Tattoo

Where?: Above his Chest 

  • Winged Skull Tattoo

Where?: On the left side of his chest

This tattoo represents death and resurrection. 

  • Bat Tattoo

Where?: On his lower abdomen 

Bat tattoos symbolizes death, resurrecting, good times, good fortune. 

  • XXX Tattoo

Where?: On his neck

This one is a massive tattoo covering his whole front neck. 

  • Skull Holding Ace Of Spades Tattoo

Where?: Near his left shoulder 

In various traditions Ace Of Spades is considered as the symbol of good luck and good fortune. 

  • Frut Tattoo

Where?: On his knuckles 

Shayne got this one inked with his wife. He also posted the picture of this one on Instagram saying “We’re Adorable. “

  • Empire Logo from Star Wars

Where?: Behind his right ear

  • Two Roses Tattoo

Where?: Near his right eye

  • SXE Tattoo

Where?: Inner portion of his arm 

SXE is a form of lifestyle that people who don’t drink, smoke, or do other forms of recreational drugs. SXE means Straight Edge. 

  • Crescent Moon Tattoo

Where?: On his left cheek 

  • MPQT Tattoo

Where?: On the fingers of his left hand

  • Celestial Being Tattoo

Where?: On his right forearm 

  • A Tree Tattoo

Where?: On the right side of his waist 

  • Half filled heart from Zelda game tattoo

Where?: Near his right thumb 

Shayne got this one probably because he is interested in the game. 

  • E H B A Tattoo

Where?: On the fingers of his right hand

  • Darth Maul Tattoo
Where?: On his right arm

Pete is a huge fan of the Star Wars series. He has got a few tattoos dedicated to the series. 

  • Cross Tattoo

Where?: Near his right elbow 

  • Cobweb Tattoo

Where?: On his left forearm 

Cobweb tattoos have two different meanings, one positive and one negative. Positive one represents the ability to overcome the bad phase, and the negative one represents the bad phase of someone’s life. 

  • MAGNETO Tattoo

Where?: On his lower back 

Magneto is a fictional character that appears in X-Men. 

  • U and T letters Tattoo

Where?: On his calves

  • Star Wars Darth Vader Pirate Skull Tattoo

Where?: On his left hand

  • Emperor Swordsman Tattoo

Where?: On his right leg

  • Floral Design Tattoo

Where?: On his right forearm

  • Brass Knuckles Tattoo

Where?: On his left arm

Brass knuckles represent the ability to overcome challenges and obstacles. This one is inked near his Skull tattoo. 

  • Reversed Pentagram Tattoo

Where?: On his left knee

This one is a symbol of Satanism. It symbolizes evil and attracts sinister forces. 

  • Kurt Russell as Wyatt Earp

Where?: On his left leg

This is a portrait of the actor Kurt Russell who played Wyatt Earp in the motion picture Tombstone. He got this one inked with his best friend, Jared Collins. 

  • Mic Tattoo

Where?: On his forearm 

This tattoo justifies his stand up comedy career. 


Shayne Smith has almost his whole body covered with tattoos. He has over sixty tattoos on his body. Few of them are dedicated to his love towards the star war series, showing his love for the series. Some of the tattoos are dedicated to his friends and partner. He has also got tattoos that represent and symbolize life, death, resurrection, pride, good luck and good fortune.