Sarah Shahi Tattoo Ideas & Their Meanings


Sarah Shahi (born on 10th January 1980) is an American actress and former model. She was a 1997, “Miss Fort Worth” pageant winner. She joined the “Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders” in 1999 with the hope to become a model. Below, we are going to look at various Sarah Shahi tattoos and their meanings.

Sarah Shahi Tattoos with Meanings

“A” Tattoo of Sarah Shahi

Where?: Left Ring Finger

“A” is the initial of her boyfriend’s name – Adam Demos. She made this tattoo a mark of love for him.

‘I love you forever, Your mom, Moni’ Tattoo of Sarah Shahi

Where?: Left Forearm

This tattoo was a message from her mom, Mahmonir Soroushazar to her.

Crescent Moon Tattoo of Sarah Shahi

Where?: Right Middle Finger

This tattoo is a representation of motherhood, growth, intuition, and creativity. It is a perfect fit for minimalist tattoo lovers.

Arabic Script Tattoo of Sarah Shahi

Where?: Right Hand

This tattoo translates to the wolf. The purpose of this tattoo is not known yet. Probably it signifies her fierce nature.

Infinity/8 Tattoo

Where?: On Left Hand, near Ring Finger

Unknown Tattoo 1

Where?: Right Arm

The meaning behind this tattoo is not known however it appears to be of crescent shape.

Unknown Tattoo 2

Where?: Left Forearm

Unknown Tattoo 3

Where?: Left Wrist

Butterfly Tattoo

Where?: Right Forearm

This tattoo is not clearly visible to us as there are no full pictures of this tattoo. A butterfly is a symbol of new beginnings, change, and growth.


Sarah Shahi has a total of 9 tattoos that are on her hands. Much is not known about some of her tattoos. Some of them don’t really have clear shots as well. Her tattoos are mostly personal and minimalist. We sure do hope they drive you some inspiration for your future tattoos.


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