Ryan Mason Tattoos Idea & Their Meanings


Ryan Glen Mason, also known as Ryan Mason, is a professional football manager and a former player who played in the English football league. He retired from playing football because of a head injury, after his retirement, he became an interim coach for EPL club Tottenham Hotspur in 2021. He made his football debut in the year 2008. Currently, he holds the position of head of player development at Tottenham hotspur. He is also known for the unique and amazing tattoos he has on his body. Let’s have a look at Ryan Mason’s tattoos.

Ryan Mason Tattoos on his body

Cross and Rosary beads Tattoos

Where?: inner side of his right arm

These two tattoos represent religious symbols, the cross is a holy symbol in Christianity and the rosary beads repent virgin Mary. These tattoos show that he is a religious person. 

‘Swallow Bird’ Tattoo

Where?: Outer side of his right arm

The swallow bird represents a symbol of commitment, freedom, and love. 

Clock with a Rose Tattoo

Where?: Inner side of his right forearm 

It is a clock tattoo surrounded by roses and two names ‘Keeley’ and ‘Demi’. These names are of his children. The clock’s numbers are in roman, and its hands are telling the time ‘5:30’ which marks an important event in his life. 

‘Everything happens for a reason’ Tattoo of Ryan Mason

Where?: On his right arm

While the exact reason as to why Ryan got this tattoo is unknown, a good guess would be that this tattoo shows that Ryan believes in destiny. 

Lisa Mason portrait Tattoo of Ryan Mason

Where?: On his right arm

He loves his mother a lot. That’s why he got a portrait of his mother inked on his right arm. 


Ryan Mason has got quite a few tattoos on his body, some of them show that he is a true catholic and practices his religion. The tattoos also show that he loves his family a lot and wants them to be with him. Ryan’s tattoos reflect positivity and faith.