Riley Reid Tattoos Ideas & Their Meanings


Riley Reid is a famous American porn star. She had been working in the adult industry since the year 2010. Previously, she has worked as a stripper before entering the adult industry. She gained popularity very quickly after her debut. She has also won many awards since her debut. Riley never shies away from showing off her beautiful tattoos, she has got more than three tattoos on her body. Let’s know more about Riley Reid’s tattoos.

Riley Reid Tattoos on her body

  • Riley Reid Yin Yang heart Tattoos

Where?:  On the right side of her upper back

Yin Yang is a concept of dualism, the good and the bad, and how these forces attract each other. Yin Yang tattoos are quite famous amongst people who like getting tattoos. 

  • XXX Tattoo

Where?: On the left side of her upper back

XXX was a domain exclusive to the adult industry. This tattoo is quite popular and everyone from the adult industry is highly in association with it. This is the original site that had such content.

  • Peace sign Tattoo

Where?: On the right side of her back

This tattoo is near her Ying Yang Heart Tattoo. Peace sign signifies peace.

  • Chinese Letters Tattoo

Where?: Along her spine, Highlighting it

These Chinese letters together translate to the famous English quote “ When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”, but when we literally translate it word by word, it translates to “Life brings you when lemons make lemonade”.


Riley Reid is a young and very talented adult industry actress. She loves getting quirky tattoos tattooed on her body. Some of her is dedicated to her work and some signify peace, love, harmony, etc. Whether she is going to get new tattoos inked or not is known but it’s very likely that she will get in the future.