Praying Hand Tattoos & Their Meanings

Praying Hand Tattoos Introduction

Praying hand tattoos have a generic meaning and have religious connotations. However, in many countries like India, Japan, China, etc., the folded hands have multiple other meanings. It can be a sign of respect, it can be a sign of welcome or hello, and it could also mean thankyou. The iconic pattern of folded / praying hands tattoo is often associated with religion and was first depicted by German painter, Albrecht Durer in the year 1508. Let’s have a look at some of the praying hand tattoos.

Praying Hand Tattoos

The Praying Hand Tattoos Trend

The praying hand tattoo trend had its start with the religious people getting tattoos to display their spirituality or their connection with God. It is a sign of religiousness and belief. However, many people started to interpret the meaning of this tattoo according to their needs and values. Some might use it to signify respect and harmony. Others started getting his tattoo to honor the people they value and love, or to remember the special people in their lives who are no more. 

Different Types Of Praying Hands Tattoo

There are variety of designs of praying hands tattoo which are extremely trendy and convey different meanings. Below is the list of the best praying hands tattoos which are creative and meaningful.

Fearless folded hands tattoo

This tattoo is for displaying strength and courage. It is a profound dedication to one’s belief and faith. It means that the bearer of the tattoo doesn’t fear anyone except God. 

Fearless folded hands tattoo

Goon with folded hands tattoo 

This tattoo signifies the zest for life. It is generally for the people who are intense.

Goon with folded hands tattoo

Praying hands with chain tattoo

This tattoo depicts the actual praying hands of the person. it is a belief that Albrecht, the person who made the praying hands artwork, composed it as a token of affection for the mayor of Frankfort in the 15th century. However, the art did end up being destroyed in a fire but certain copies are still there. This artwork has got appreciation by many who turned it into body art.

Praying hands tattoo with chain

Roses and praying hands tattoo

The roses represent the hardships and the beauty of life. The praying hands represent the bearer’s faith in God, the belief that God will always help those in need. 

Roses and praying hand tattoos
Honoring loved ones tattoo 

As the name suggests, this tattoo is for those who want to honor a particular person who has been a help throughout the dark times or to honor those who are no more. 

Honoring loved ones praying hand tattoos

Overcoming hardships tattoo

It signifies the hardships and setbacks faced by the people in their lives. It can also symbolize the hardships faced by the parents in order to raise their kids properly. This tattoo is generally for parents but the young ones can also get tattoos with this to honor their parents.

Overcoming hardships praying hand tattoos

Religious devotion tattoo

Its a 3D tattoo which represent the devotion of the person to the God. It enhances the religious sentiment of the bearer. It is for representing peace and tranquility.

Religious devotion praying hand tattoos

God is the judge tattoo

This tattoo signifies the belief of the bearer. It means that no one other than God can judge a person. The bearer believes that the God is the only one who is capable of judging a person and the judgements of the people do not mean anything in front of the God’s judgement.

God is the judge praying hand tattoos

Biblical hands tattoo

This tattoo represents the bible along with praying hands. It is generally preferred by the people who practice Christianity.

Biblical hands tattoo


The praying hand’s tattoo can represent anything that the bearer wants it to represent. But its generic meaning is devotion. A person could be devoted to anything and anyone. This tattoo is extremely versatile and creative. It isn’t restricted to a particular age group. Anyone can get it and modify it accordingly. 

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