Whale Tattoos Ideas with Their Meanings

Whale Tattoos

Introduction  Whales are water-dwelling mammals and belong to the same group as porpoises and dolphins. They are of the order Cetartiodactyla. Their lives revolve around traveling thousands of miles to feed and mate. Whales come in all shapes and sizes and some even have tusks. The largest whole is the blue whale and the smallest … Read more

Joker Tattoos Ideas and Their Meanings

Joker Tattoos

Introduction Joker tattoo is one of the most popular tattoos among the people who love or are a fan of the Batman series. His persona is very fascinating. He is one of the most iconic villains of all times. His vibrant personality always stands out and thereby the joker tattoos do the same. These tattoos … Read more

Alberto Gilardino Tattoos & Their Meanings

alberto gilardino tattoo

Introduction  Alberto Gilardino is a former Italian football player and a manager. He is currently the head coach of Siena, which is a Serie D club. Alberto has played in the top football leagues in Italy for some great clubs like Florrentina, Genoa, Palermo, etc. as a striker. Talking about his tattoos, he has got … Read more

Ryan Mason Tattoos Idea & Their Meanings

Ryan Mason Tattoos

Introduction Ryan Glen Mason, also known as Ryan Mason, is a professional football manager and a former player who played in the English football league. He retired from playing football because of a head injury, after his retirement, he became an interim coach for EPL club Tottenham Hotspur in 2021. He made his football debut … Read more

Derek Brunson Tattoo Ideas & Their Meanings

derek brunson tattoo

Introduction Derek T. Brunson (born on 4th January 1984) is an American professional mixed martial artist. He is currently competing in the Middleweight division for the Ultimate Fighting Championship. He ranks number 4 in the UFC middleweight rankings as of August 7, 2021. Derek is a tattoo lover and has multiple of them on his … Read more

Jon Bernthal Tattoo Ideas & Their Meanings

Jon Bernthal tattoo

Introduction Jonathan Edward Bernthal (born on 20th September 1976), better known as Jon is an American actor. He is well known for playing the role of “Shane Walsh” on the horror series – The Walking Dead. He also appeared in the Netflix series, Daredevil. Bernthal has also been the catcher for the Russian baseball team … Read more

Sarah Shahi Tattoo Ideas & Their Meanings

Sarah Shahi Tattoos

Introduction Sarah Shahi (born on 10th January 1980) is an American actress and former model. She was a 1997, “Miss Fort Worth” pageant winner. She joined the “Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders” in 1999 with the hope to become a model. Below, we are going to look at various Sarah Shahi tattoos and their meanings. Sarah Shahi … Read more

KiDi Tattoo Ideas & Their Meanings

KiDi Tattoo

Introduction Dennis Nana Dwamena is also known as KiDi is a well-known Ghanaian highlife and afrobeat singer, songwriter, and producer. He is currently signed to Lynx Entertainment, MadeInENY, EMPIRE. He has won several awards like the 2018 Ghana Music Awards with the Highlife Song of the Year Award followed by the Vocalist of the Year … Read more

Harry Potter Tattoo Ideas & Their Meanings

Harry Potter Tattoo

Introduction Harry Potter fans are the most dedicated people in the world. The fans of this series don’t come with age limits. Both kids and adults love the unique magic that only the wizarding world of Harry Potter can provide. No matter what your age is or what your path in life is, Harry Potter … Read more

Star Wars Tattoo Ideas & Their Meanings

Star Wars Tattoo

Introduction People are getting Star Wars tattoos today simply to remind themselves of their childhood. Many adults today can tell you exactly when, how many times and where they saw the Star Wars cinematic universe and the feelings that it brought to them. Even though the series continues today, there is something surreal about the … Read more