Mother-Daughter Tattoos & Their Meanings


Mothers and daughters share a very precious relationship. They are like best friends to each other. No matter what kind of equation you share with your mother, once you land into trouble you always come back to her for help, care, and support. Some people like to showcase this unbreakable relationship with the help of Mother-Daughter tattoos since tattoos become a part of our body.

Popular Mother-Daughter Tattoos

Getting a mother-daughter tattoo signifies the strong bond between a mother and a daughter. It also showcases the importance they have in each other’s life. The tattoos they choose to get represents the motive and meaning behind these tattoos. Below are the list of tattoos which can be useful as a raw idea if you are planning to get a mother-daughter tattoo.

Feathers of a bird tattoo

This tattoo represent the beautiful unbreakable bond of the mother and the daughter. It also represents the different phases of their relationship like the ups and downs they went through and still never decided to part ways.

Flower Infinity tattoo

The meaning of this tattoo is quite evident from its name. It is to signify the eternal love of the mother. It looks really beautiful on the wrist or arm.

Fingerprint heart tattoo

As the name suggests, this tattoo consists of a heart shaped fingerprint of the daughter on mother’s hand and of the mother on the daughter’s hand. It represents the never ending love of the duo.

Zodiac sign tattoo

This tattoo is really cool and creative. You can get each other’s zodiac sign tattoo instead of your own zodiac sign. This is also a great way to remember the zodiac signs and birthdays of each other incase you keep forgetting the same.

Celtic Symbol tattoo

This tattoo is unique as well as cultural. The mothers can get the Celtic symbol tattoo which represents motherhood. This tattoo is a reminder of the ever lasting love of the mothers towards their daughters. 

Sun and Moon Tattoo

Sun is a symbol of guidance and light. The moon represents the forever guidance of the sun. This tattoo can be on the mother’s hand as she keeps guiding and the daughters should get the moon tattoo. This tattoo demonstrates the relationship of the mother and daughter quite clearly without having to explain anything.

Pinky Promise tattoo

This tattoo is a great way to represent that your mother is your best friend. It is also a reminder of the promises you have made to each other. It depicts that the duo never break their promises no matter what happens.

Lock and Key tattoo

This tattoo is used to demonstrate how you need the love and support of your mother in order to unlock all the opportunities that life showers you with. It also shows how hard life would be without the unconditional love of the mothers. You can decide who’s going to get inked with the lock and who’s going for the keys.

Placement of Mother-Daughter Tattoos

The placement of these tattoos depend on the size of the tattoos you are going for. If its a small tattoo you can get it on the wrist or fingers since symbols are generally very small. For the tattoos with alot of details, you can get inked on the back or chest. It’s important to get the tattoo on the same spot. If your mother is getting it on the wrist, you should get it on the wrist too for it to make an impact. You can get solo tattoos but it looks great when the duo gets inked together.


The mother-daughter tattoos play a great role in showcasing the love you have for each other. Hence, it’s very important to choose the right tattoo which can demonstrate how you feel towards your mother or how your daughter feels towards you. You can go for any of the aforementioned tattoos or get inked with something that you personally like, or a memory you cherish. 


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