Maya Stepper Tattoo Designs & Their Meanings


Maya Stepper (born on 13th October 1991) is a German model. She is an international model who has appeared on Elle magazine and Vogue Turkey. She has also been publicized in editorials for Maxim and Treats Magazine. In this article, we will get to know about Maya Stepper’s tattoo designs & their meanings. Let’s find more about Maya Stepper tattoos.

Maya Stepper tattoos

Maya Stepper Tattoos And Their Meanings

Cross Tattoo of Maya Stepper

Where?: Left wrist

The cross is a symbol of Christianity. It represents faith in Christianity and also the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

Cross Tattoo of Maya Stepper

Maya Stepper Infinity Tattoo

Where?: Left wrist

The infinity tattoo is a favorite tattoo of many people. It represents peace, balance, good luck, opportunity, and focus.

Infinity Symbol Tattoo of Maya Stepper

Heart Tattoo

Where?: Left wrist

The tattoo is a symbol of love, emotions, passion, and feelings.

Tiny Heart Tattoo

Bee Tattoo

Where?: Near her right elbow

The bee tattoo is a quite famous tattoo choice for many people. It symbolizes loyalty, hard work, harmony, dedication and passion. The Queen Bee also represents supremacy of the woman.

Bee Tattoo of Maya Stepper

Quote Tattoo

Where?: Near Right ribcage

The tattoo says “to thine own self be true”. It is a line written by William Shakespeare in the play Hamlet. It’s a line used in Act 1 Scene 3 of the drama. It tells people to be loyal to one’s own interests and then take care of others.

to thine own self be true tattoo

Unknown Tattoo of Maya Stepper

Where?: Near her left elbow

This tattoo of Maya Stepper is not properly known since there are no clear shots of the tattoo. As far as we think it says, “Lover” representing that she is a loving person.

Unknown tattoo of Maya Stepper


Maya steppers have a total of six tattoos to date. Her tattoos are ideal for anybody who loves minimalist tattoo designs. It’s probably due to the fact that she is a model by profession and hence minimal tattoos are easier to hide during runway shows. We hope she gets more such tattoos and keeps providing us tattoo inspirations!

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