Marvin Vettori Tattoos And Their Meanings


Marvin Vettori (born on 20th September 1993) is a mixed martial artist from Italy. He currently competes in the Middleweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). He is also a former Venator FC Welterweight champion. Marvin is #2 in the UFC Middleweight Rankings as of 25th October 2021. He has several tattoos which are quite unique. All of these tattoos are part of one tattoo. Let’s have a look at Marvin Vettori’s tattoos.

Marvin Vettori Tattoos On His Body

Samurai Tattoos Of Marvin Vettori

Where?: Left Pec

He has a huge samurai face tattoo on his pec. This tattoo has several other elements around his Samurai tattoo. There are Japanese flowers and waves around it. This tattoo extends to his left shoulder, bicep, and arm. There is also a face of the Koi fish attached with the Samurai tattoo.

Japanese Themed Flower Tattoo Of Marvin Vettori

Where?: Left Arm

Marvin Vettori’s left arm is covered with Japanese-themed flowers. His whole arm has those flowers. Japanese Theme Flowers are harbingers of good luck and wealth.

Japanese Dragon Tattoo of Marvin Vettori

Where?: Left Bicep

He has a Japanese Dragon inked on his bicep and around it. This tattoo is also an extension of the samurai tattoo. Dragons are totems of bravery, wisdom, and protection. They also symbolize wisdom and intelligence in Japanese culture.

Roaring Tiger And Waves Tattoo

Where?: Left Forearm Tattoo

His left forearm is covered with a roaring tiger and waves tattoo. The roaring tiger tattoo has several waves tattooed around it. This tattoo is made by the tattoo artist Lorenzo Casarin. It is the symbol of courage, dominance, and power. He has this tattoo as a tribute to his perceptions about himself and his own style of fighting inside the Octagon. The waves signify fantasy, nature, emotions, and our dreams. This tattoo adds aesthetic value to the complete samurai tattoo.


Marvin has only one part of his body covered with tattoos. All his tattoos are a part of his samurai tattoo. Most of these tattoos are of Japanese culture. This shows his love for the Japanese culture. We hope you liked reading this article and were able to draw some tattoo inspiration for your future tattoos. Or, got to know more about your favorite sportsperson that is – Marvin Vettori.