Best Lil Peep Tattoos & Their Meanings


Gustav Elijah Åhr aka Lil Peep was an American rapper, singer, songwriter and model. He helped emo style rapping and rock music pioneer. He was a member of emo rap collective GothBoiClique. Lil Peep died at a very young age. After his death his fans stormed his online merchandise store and bought everything that was available as a tribute to him. He was also known for his weird tattoos. Some of the Lil Peep tattoos are listed below with their meanings. He was one of America’s best young rapper. Lets have a look at some of the Best Lil Peep Tattoos & Their Meanings.

Lil Peep Tattoos on his body

  • PEEP Tattoo

Where?: On Lil Peep’s left arm

Peep was his stage name. His mother used to call him by Peep when he was a child.

  • 11-1 Tattoo

Where?: On his abdomen 

He got his birthday date inked on his abdomen as 11-1. He s born on 1st November, 1996.

  • Get Cake, Die Young Tattoo

Where?: On his hairline 

In a video shoot for GQ magazine Lil Peep said he has no idea where he got these tattoos from. He said one day he woke up and found himself with these tattoos. 

  • Centipede Tattoo

Where?: On his left forearm 

Peep used to hate centipede and they bothered him every time so he got a tattoo of it. 

  • Fly Shit Only in a Nike logo

Where?: On his arm

  • Initials ‘LKW’ and date 10-27

Where?: On his right forearm 

LKW is the initials of his mother, Liza Womack. This one was his first tattoo. He got this one as a birthday present for his mother. Peep in a statement said “I did not always know I was going to get tattoos. The first one I got was this big one right here. It’s my mum’s birthday, her initials, so that she wouldn’t get mad at me because it was my first tattoo when I was 14’.”
  • LOVE Tattoo

Where?: On his abdomen 

  • Meep Tattoo

Where?: On his left leg

He got his pet dog’s tattoo on his left leg. The dog was a gift from his ex girlfriend and peep considered him as his son. 

  • Hell boy Tattoo

Where?: On his neck

Peep got this tattoo after the release of his first album, Hell boy, in 2016. This album helped him get recognition in the industry. 

  • Pink Panther Tattoo

Where?: On the left side of his neck

He got this one on a trip to Venice. He got bored on the trip so he decided to go and get a random tattoo from a tattoo shop which had pink interiors. 

  • Homesick Tattoo

Where?: On his fingers 

He loved his mother and missed her wherever he travelled because of work so he got himself a homesick tattoo. He said that “I am young and I miss my mommy certain times.”

  • Anarchy Symbol Tattoo

Where?: On his left cheek

  • Crying mickey mouse with mood written inside it Tattoo

Where?: On his right arm

This one Peep’s favourite tattoo. He said it described his ‘low-quality’ mood. 

  • Broken heart Tattoo

Where?: Near his left eye

  • Horseshoe Tattoo

Where?: between his eyebrows 

He believed that the horseshoe was his lucky charm. 

  • Cry Baby Tattoo

Where?: Above his right eye

He got his one because he used to complain a lot when he was a child. 

  • Rose Tattoo

Where?: On his right cheek

  • Star Tattoo

Where?: Below his right eye

  • Insects Tattoo

Where?: On his left arm

  • ‘BFF’ Rice Tattoo

Where?: On his right arm

Peep got this one just before his death with his best friend Jody. This was the last tattoo that he inked on his body. 


Lil Peep had a small but great career. He had the potential to bring revolution to the music industry. His tattoos speak a lot about his personality, his love for his mother, his nature, what he liked and how he felt. There are a few random tattoos that he got himself tatted with, but most of his tattoos are about his life, love, and emotions.