Lightning Tattoo Ideas & Their Meanings


Lightning Tattoos make you stand out in the crowd just the way lightning stands out and makes everyone notice it. Lightning, being a force of nature, is immensely frightening. This may even lead to an injury or death if one is hit by it. You realize how insignificant you are among the forces of nature whenever you see a lightning bolt in the sky. People should respect nature and never try to tamper with its forces. Lightning Tattoos are one of them. There’s also a deeper philosophical significance to them according to Greek mythology. The lightning bolts depict the unpredictable nature of events as well as human’s fickleness. It is also a representation of renewal, hope, and the power of creation. It is often in association with raw emotions, volatility, clarity, inspiration, instincts, and creativity.

Trendy Lightning Tattoos

Prison Lightning Tattoo

These tattoos are a little bit different from the regular lightning tattoos as they’re in prison. They are often associated with evil and represent hate. Most people aren’t aware of it. However different artists associate different meanings with their tattoos.

Lightning Pop Culture Tattoo

Lightning bolt tattoos can show off the person’s love and admiration for a well-known brand or a superhero. These are often a tribute to their favorite artist. 

Thunderbolt and Clouds Tattoo

The lightning thunderbolt combined with clouds is often illustrated in cartoon or realistic form. It adds a lot more depth to the overall representation of the tattoo. Bolt tattoos can include clouds from the lightning strike. 

Colourful Lightning Bolt Tattoo

The colorful Lightning bolt is often in the DC comics flash. So this tattoo is often worn by fans to pay a tribute to the lightning-fast superhero, flash. Its pattern and graphics make it appear more striking to others.

Harry Potter Lightning bolt tattoo

This tattoo is mostly for by Harry Potter fans. It’s a replica of the scar on Harry Potter’s head which was left by Voldemort when he tried to attack him. This is a small tattoo and you can hide it whenever you want. It totally summarizes the fandom of the show.

Figurative Lightning Tattoos

Most people interpret this as a symbol of the negative energy collected inside of them which is hard to control, leaving it to look like a lightning bolt. 

Flowery Lightning Tattoos

The flowery lightning tattoo is a tattoo that has flowers all around the thunderbolt as a way of depicting calmness before the storm.

Majestic Lightning Tattoos

This tattoo looks amazing with black ink and negative spacing. It appears more pure and godly due to its design.


Lighting tattoos always appear to stand out. You can choose whichever design you want to go for but it’d be great if you knew the meaning behind it in order to relate to it on a whole different level. You can also play with the design by asking your artist to add your idea to it. However, some tattoos hold a special meaning so it is advisable to stay sensitive to some cultural considerations.