Lana Del Rey’s Tattoo Ideas & Their Meanings


Lana Del Rey (born on 21st June, 1985) is an American singer and song writer. She is also a Vogue Cover Girl. Elizabeth Woolridge Grant is her birth name. She rose to fame after her homemade clip for a video song went viral. She is a tattoo lover and has multiple on her body. Let’s explore more about Lana Del Rey’s tattoos.

Lana Del Rey's Tattoos

Lana Del Rey’s Tattoos on Her Body

  • “Whitney Amy” Tattoo
Where?: Right Collar bone

Lana Del Rey was hugely inspired by Whitney Houston and Amy Winehouse. This tattoo is made by her to pay her tributes to them both.

Lana Del Rey's "Whitney Amy" Tattoo
  • “Nina Billie” Tattoo
Where?: Left Collar bone

She made this tattoo to honor her two favourite singers – Nina Simone and Billie Holiday.

Lana Del Rey's "Nina Billie" Tattoo
  • “Paradise” Tattoo
Where?: Left Side of her Left Hand

This tattoo represents peace in death. She expects to calm and relaxation in her death and hence she made this tattoo. She also very much likes the word.

Pradise Tattoo
  • “M” Initials Tattoo
Where?: Left Hand, near her Thumb

This tattoo was made by her as a tribute to her grandmother, Madeleine.

"M" Initials Tattoo
  • “Die Young” Tattoo
Where?: Right Ring Finger

This tattoo represents that even though we will age one day physically, one should always remain young at heart.

"Die Young" Tattoo
  • “Chateau Marmont” Tattoo
Where?: Left Forearm

Chateau Marmont, Los Angeles is her favourite place. This tattoo is to represent her fondness of the place.

"Chateau Marmont" Tattoo
  • “Nabokov Whitman” Tattoo
Where?: Right Forearm

This tattoo is a tribute of her favourite authors – Vladimir Nabokov and Walt Whitman.

"Nabokov Whitman" Tattoo
  • “Trust no one” Tattoo
Where?: Right Side of Right Hand

Why she got this tattoo is not yet clear. But to assume she sings a lot about love and loneliness and this might be due to some lessons in Hollywood. This tattoo might be relatable to that.

"Trust no one" Tattoo


Most of Lana Del Rey’s tattoos are a tribute to legendary people and her favourites. She uses this pattern of tattoos so that when she is travelling, she doesn’t feel alone and carry them witness to her accomplishments and downfalls. If you are a tattoo lover, and at the same time have people in your lives you wanna carry along. This type of tattoo art is ideal for you.

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