KiDi Tattoo Ideas & Their Meanings


Dennis Nana Dwamena is also known as KiDi is a well-known Ghanaian highlife and afrobeat singer, songwriter, and producer. He is currently signed to Lynx Entertainment, MadeInENY, EMPIRE. He has won several awards like the 2018 Ghana Music Awards with the Highlife Song of the Year Award followed by the Vocalist of the Year Award at the 2019 Ghana Music Awards, and the Album of the Year Award for his debut album Sugar at the 2020 Ghana Music Awards. KiDi has got really amazing body tattoos. Some KiDi tattoos are here below along with their meanings. 

KiDi Tattoos on his Body

KiDi Black Band Tattoos

Where? : Left upper and lower arm

KiDi has three black bands, one thick band followed by two thin bands. This tattoo is a symbol of mourning and acts as a tribute to the loved ones who are no more. The black stripes on his arm are for his family members. The biggest one on the top is for his father and the thinner bands represent his mourning for his mum’s mum and dad’s mum.

The Golden Boy KiDi Tattoos

Where? : On his right arm

The ‘Golden Boy’ is the name of the second studio album released by KiDi on 23 June 2021. This tattoo is the actual representation of the logo of ‘The Golden Boy’. This tattoo represents love and affection. 

KiDi Blue Tattoo

Where? : Under his right pec

This tattoo consists of the word ‘BLUE’ inside a rectangular box. It’s the name of his music album. He likes getting tattoos of the name of his every project. 

Cross Tattoo

Where? : Right inner forearm.

The Cross is the holy symbol of Christians. It represents Jesus Christ. This tattoo represents KiDi’s faith. He believes that this tattoo protects him from all the evils and the negative things. 

Smiley Tattoo

Where? : On the left side of his stomach

This tattoo consists of five emojis, these are demon face, a smiling face with glasses, a sleeping smiley, a hand, and a sad face. Some of these emojis represent his personality and nature when he is at different places. 

Sugar Tattoo

Where? : On his right pec

SUGAR is the name of KiDi’s first album that was released in 2019 and he got this because he said he’ll get inked with every music project that he comes up with. 

Zane tattoo

Where? : Above his left pec

Zane is the name of KiDi’s son. He got the tiger eyes tattooed above the name of his son later. Tiger eyes demonstrate courage, confidence, and intellectual personality. 

93 KiDi Tattoos

Where? : His left upper arm

KiDi was born on 18 August 1993. 93 is the number that represents the last two digits of his birth year. 

Enjoyment Tattoo

Where? : Right forearm

This tattoo has ‘ENJOYMENT’ written in bold. This tattoo represents his album that was released by KiDi in 2020.

Heartbeat KiDi Tattoos

Where? : His right pec

This heartbeat tattoo represents KiDi’s love for music. It also signifies that music is his life and that he enjoys it from the core. 

Blessed Tattoo

Where? : On his inner right arm

This tattoo has got the word, ‘BLESSED’ along with ‘BB’. He clarified in an interview that BB is the initials of his mother and that he is blessed to have such an amazing mother. 

Date Tattoo

Where? : On his right bicep

This tattoo has the letters inked vertically as, ’26 11 16′. These numbers represent the date of birth of his son named Zane. 


KiDi has got a total of thirteen tattoos on his body and has promised to get more whenever he releases a new album. These tattoos convey really deep meanings and are really precious to the singer. These tattoos can be used as tattoo inspiration since they are really creative and look beautiful. The sizes and location of these tattoos depend on the preferences of the bearer.