Kevin Holland Tattoo Ideas & Their Meanings


Kevin Alan Holland, also known as Kevin Holland is a mixed martial artist from America. He competes in the middleweight division of the UFC. Kevin made his professional debut in 2015. He is also known by the name ‘TrailBlazer’. Just like his career, his choice of tattoos is also excellent. Some of his tattoos are here below with their meanings. Let’s have a look at Kevin Holland tattoos.

Tattoos on his body

‘Trail Blazer’ Tattoo of Kevin Holland

Where?: Near his left pec

TrailBlazer is Kevin’s nickname/in-ring name. He has also got tattoos of initial ‘B’ and ‘EST. 2008’ on his left pec. 

Crowned Gorilla Tattoo

Where?: On his right shoulder 

A gorilla tattoo represents strength, power, loyalty, and compassion. Kevin has his surname on the gorilla crown. 

Bullet Tattoo

Where?: inner side of his bicep

In an interview, Kevin said that he got a 9mm bullet inked on his bicep because 9mm is his favorite gun. He also gave another reason for getting this one inked saying he considers his right arm as a sniper. 

Lines Tattoo of Kevin Holland

Where?: On his left arm

Scorpio, year 92, initial M Tattoo

Where?: On his right pec

Just like the tattoos on his left pec the year, these ones represent Kevin’s Birth year and his zodiac sign. 

’24’ Tattoo of Kevin Holland

Where?: On his right forearm 

This number represents the date, November 24th, 2018, on this day Kevin had against John Phillips. He won this fight owing to a nearly rear-naked choke in the third round, coming out as the winner via submission. 

‘Nomad’ Tattoo of Kevin Holland

Where?: On his left pec 

RC Cola, ‘hustle 2 ball’ Tattoo

Where?: On his right arm


Where?: Right side of his upper body

Skull Tattoo of Kevin Holland

Where?: On his left forearm

Skull tattoos represent death, darkness, and evil. This skull tattoo has been overlapped on a clock tattoo. 

‘Mentality’ Tattoo

Where?: Right inner forearm

Sean O’Malley Tattoo

Where?: On his left shoulder 

A portrait of Sean O’Malley, who is also a mixed martial artist, is inked on Kevin’s left shoulder. 


Kevin Holland has got a lot of tattoos on his body, most of which represent his love for mixed martial arts, some are dedicated to his family name, some to his mentor, and some serve as a reminder of who he is and how he has achieved what he has achieved in his life.