Justin Bieber Tattoos & Their Meanings


Justin Drew Bieber (born on 1rst March 1994) is popularly known as Justin Bieber. Justin Bieber is very popular for his Tattoos which have different meanings. He is a Canadian singer and a songwriter. This pop star was discovered via YouTube when his mother posted a video of him performing. He went from being an unknown singer to a budding superstar real quick. He has won several awards including The Grammy Award. Let’s have a look at some of Justin Bieber tattoos and their meanings.

Justin Bieber Tattoos And Their Meanings (On His Body)

Bieber loves expressing himself through tattoos. This famous singer got inked for the first time when he was only 16 years old, and ever since then he has accumulated tattoos all over his body. He currently has over 40 tattoos that cover his arms, chest and legs. The tattoos have definitely become a huge part of him now.

  • Rose Tattoo

Where?: Right side of his neck

According to Justin, the thorns symbolize the rough spots in his life and the flower is a representation of beauty. This is probably the last tattoo he got on his neck. He got it inked by the celebrity tattooist, Dr. Woo. 

  • The letter ‘G’ Tattoo
Where?: Upper right arm

This tattoo has a very deep meaning. Bieber got this tattoo in the year 2015. it’s a tribute to his friend Chad Veach’s daughter, Georgia, who suffers from a rare brain disorder called Lissencephaly. 

  • A bear and a lion Tattoo

Where?: On his chest

Bieber got this tattoo in the year 2017. The bear signifies courage and strength and the lion symbolizes fearlessness and determination.

  • Owl Tattoo
Where?: Left forearm

Justin said in an interview that his owl tattoo signifies wisdom. The same owl showed up in the special effects on his Believe tour.

  • The tiny Cross Tattoo

Where?: Below his left eye

According to the tattoo artist JonBoy, the tiny cross tattoo represents Bieber’s “journey with finding purpose in God.” it’s so small that it’s barely visible. It’s the first and the only face tattoo he has as of now. 

  • Yeshua Tattoo

Where?: Below left armpit

The tattoo reads “Yeshua,” which translates to “Jesus” in Hebrew. Bieber’s tattoo is similar to his dad’s tattoo. Both of them got it inked at the same time in April 2011 during Bieber’s “My World” tour in Israel.

  • Jesus Tattoo

Where?: Left leg

The tattoo isn’t just the picture of Jesus but it also has a crown of thorns and halo above his head. It depicts his religious faith and hope. 

  • Praying hands Tattoo

Where?: Left leg 

He got this tattoo to reflect his religious side. It also shows how grateful he is to God. This tattoo is located directly below the tattoo of Jesus. 

  • Believe Tattoo

Where?: Left arm

This tattoo was inspired by his album called ‘Believe’. It has a very positive connotation. 

  • Bieber in Korean Tattoo

Where?: Left arm

Bieber loves different languages and places. He mentioned that he loves Korea once and got his name inked in Korean to showcase his love for the same. 

  • Cross tattoo
Where?: Middle of his chest

Again, a strong representation of Bieber’s faith in Jesus is what this tattoo depicts. It is an ode to his love of God and his religion. 

  • Star Tattoo
Where?: Right arm

 A star tattoo is said to represent guidance, exploration and protection.

  • Stratford Cullitons Tattoo

Where?: Left shoulder blade

This tattoo represents the ice hockey team. Bieber’s grandfather used to take him to the Canadian junior team’s games every Friday night. It’s a tribute from him to his grandpa. 

  • Psalm 119:105 Tattoo

Where?: Right shoulder blade

“Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.” is what the tattoo actually reads. It is a Bible verse and since Bieber has a strong faith, he got inked with this verse. 

  • The Crown Tattoo

Where?: Right Collarbone 

Bieber hasn’t revealed what this tattoo actually means. But some fans speculate that this tattoo might be the tribute to king of pop Michael Jackson who Bieber’s inspiration. 

  • Seagull Tattoo

Where?: Left hip

This bird is from Richard Bach’s novel, Jonathan Livingston Seagull — a fable about “a seagull who wanted to be more than just a seagull” according to Bieber. 

  • Forgive Tattoo
Where?: Right hip

The meaning of this tattoo remains unknown. It might be another emotional reference.

  • Mom’s eye Tattoo

Where?: Inner left elbow

Justin got his mom’s eye inked as a tribute to her for all the hard work she did for him. He got this tattoo as a way to telling to himself that his mom is always watching him.

  • Selena Gomez Tattoo

Where?: Right Wrist

Bieber got this tattoo when he was in a relationship with Selena Gomez. It was inspired by an Elle magazine photoshoot of Selena, with added angel wings. 

  • The Bleeding, Crucified Globe Tattoo

Where?: Left forearm

The original art was done by Bieber himself in school when he was just eight years old. So he decided to engrave that memory by getting inked with the same. 

  • X Tattoo

Where?: Left forearm

This tattoo stands for the ‘unknown’ according to him. But it also symbolizes Jesus in Greek. 

  • Koi Fish Tattoo
Where?: Right Forearm

This fish symbolizes good luck, according to the Asian culture. 

  • Fish Scales Tattoo

Where?: Right sleeve 

This tattoo is actually used to represent the Zodiac sign of the singer which is, Pisces. 

  • Trust Tattoo

Where?: Right sleeve

It represents a the name of the song of the album called ‘Purpose’ which was released by him. 

  • Two hashtags Tattoo

Where?: Right Forearm 

This tattoo was made to show love to the 69 million Instagram followers of Bieber. 

  • Diamond Tattoo

Where?: Right Wrist

Diamond is the same jewel that appeared in the artwork of his “Confident” song collaboration with Chance the Rapper.

  • The ghost Tattoo
Where?: Right Elbow

It’s a character from Super Mario Brothers, which used to the favorite game of Justin when he was a kid. 

  • The “Banksy” Tattoo

Where?: Back of left forearm

It’s a tribute to his favorite graffiti artist named Banksy’s famous Balloon Girl.

Other Justin Bieber Tattoos

  • The smiling Korean mask tattoo
  • The Jester tattoo
  • The Boombox tattoo
  • Trust tattoo
  • Love tattoo
  • Music tattoo
  • Magic 8 ball tattoo
  • Valentine’s Day Cherub Tattoo
  • Graffiti Star Tattoo
  • Rose Bouquet tattoo
  • Star Tattoo
  • The Eagle Tattoo
  • 1975 Tattoo
  • Treble Clef Tattoo
  • Better at 70 tattoo
  • Large Gothic Scene tattoo
  • Son of God Tattoo
  • LL tattoo


The tattoos that Justin Bieber has represents one or the other aspect of his life in some way. Justin likes representing himself with tattoos. He got his first tattoo when he was 16 and the rose tattoo on his neck is what he says, the last tattoo on his body for now. He wants to get the tattoos of his kids on the space left on his body if he ever gets a chance to be a parent.