Jon Bernthal Tattoo Ideas & Their Meanings


Jonathan Edward Bernthal (born on 20th September 1976), better known as Jon is an American actor. He is well known for playing the role of “Shane Walsh” on the horror series – The Walking Dead. He also appeared in the Netflix series, Daredevil. Bernthal has also been the catcher for the Russian baseball team during the 2000s. Jon Bernthal tattoos are quite famous. Let’s have a look at some of the Jon Bernthal tattoos to draw inspiration from.

Jon Bernthal Tattoos and Their Locations

Portrait of Dog Tattoo

Where?: Left Side Of His Stomach

Jon is an avid lover of dogs. He himself has three Pitbulls. All his dogs are recused and not purchased. The portrait he has is of one of his pets, who died. The names of his dogs are – Lil Bam Bam, Boss, and Venice. Back in 2009, he was arrested for knocking down a man who grabbed his dog, “Boss”.

Russian Writing Jon Bernthal Tattoo

Where?: Back

Jon is an appreciator of the Russian language and culture. He got this tattoo in dedication to Russia. This tattoo translates to “Truth”.

Bible Verse Tattoo

Where? Right Pec

He has a bible verse tattooed on his right pec which says, “He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds”, It is from Psalm 147:3. The tattoo also has two names on each of the broken hearts.

“LilBird” Tattoo

Where?: Left Pec

He made this tattoo for his wife, Erin Angle. It is her nickname by which Jon calls her. They married in 2010. His wife is an American Trauma Nurse.


According to sources, Jon has got three more tattoos. However, we haven’t yet been able to catch a glimpse of the tattoos or the reason why he got them. We surely will let you know and update you with the same once we know. Till then we hope these tattoos help draw inspiration for your future tattoos.