Johnny Depp Tattoos & Thier Meanings


Johnny Christopher Depp II is an American producer, actor, and musician. The famous personality is known for his role as Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean series. He is one of the greatest actors in Hollywood today. He has been nominated for the Golden Globe awards ten times in his career. Apart from his acting skills, achievements, his style, his controversial personal life, he is well known for his amazing tattoos. A few of the Johnny Depp Tattoos are listed below with their meaning and location on his body.

Johnny Depp Tattoos

Johnny Depp Tattoos On His Body

  • The Supremacism Triangle Tattoo 

Where?: On his left shoulder 

The Supremacism triangle is a famous painting by a Russian painter. Supremacism is an art which uses a limited amount of colour and have geometrical shapes. 

The Supremacism Triangle Tattoo of Johnny Depp
  • Cherokee Tribe Tattoo 

Where?: On his right arm

This tattoo was Johnny’s first tattoo. He got this one when he was just seventeen years old to honor his Indian heritage. He made a statement mentioning this tattoo, he said “I started getting tattoos when they were sort of verboten in Hollywood… 1983, 1984. I was 17 when I got the first one a Cherokee chief, to honor my Indian heritage.” 

Cherokee Tribe Tattoo of Johnny Depp
  • Wino Forever Tattoo

Where?: On his right arm

Johnny had a tattoo of his ex- girlfriend, Winona Ryder. After breaking up with her he got it modified with a Wino Forever tattoo. 

Wino Tattoo of Johnny Depp
  • Betty Sue Tattoo

Where?: On his left arm

Betty Sue was his mother’s name. His mother died in 2016 due to long illness. Johnny got this tattoo because he was very close to her and this tattoo gives him a feeling that she is always with her. 

Betty Sue Tattoo of Johnny Depp
  • The Brave Movie symbol Tattoo 
Where?: On his right arm

The Brave movie was directed and co-written by Johnny Depp in 1997. When explaining the meaning of this tattoo he said “The ultimate questions of our life: where do I go? What do I do? What is this all about?… This eternal confusion. And even more than this, this drawing also represents the idea of always questioning the things you do.

Never stop questioning. You should never stand by without taking a position. You have to face the things that will happen to you, you have to confront the media, the Governments, the people who pretend they know everything and who say they can control your life. Questioning , exploring and investigating everything yourself, that’s the key. Never give up.”

The Brave Movie symbol Tattoo of Johnny Depp
  • Three rectangles tattoo

Where?: On the index finger of right hand

Three rectangles tattoo of Johnny Depp
  • Number three Tattoo 

Where?: On his left hand

He said that number 3 is sort of a special number and it’s very creative. 

Number three Tattoo of Johnny Depp
  • Lily-Rose Tattoo 

Where?: On his chest

It is his daughter’s name. 

Lily-Rose Tattoo of Johnny Depp
  • Jack Sparrow-Pirates of the Caribbean Tattoo 
Where?: On his right forearm 

This movie is very special to him that’s why he got this tattoo. 

Jack Sparrow-Pirates of the Caribbean Tattoo
  • ‘Silence-Exile-Cunning’ Tattoo 

Where?: On his left forearm 

‘Silence-Exile-Cunning’ Tattoo of Johnny Depp
  • Three Hearts Tattoo 

Where?: On his left arm

Three Hearts Tattoo of Johnny Depp
  • Grandfather’s Portrait Tattoo 

Where?: On his right forearm 

Johnny was very close to his grandfather, Jim, who died when Johnny was just nine years old. 

Grandfather’s Portrait Tattoo of Johnny Depp
  • Mother’s Portrait Tattoo 

Where?: On his left forearm

Mother’s Portrait Tattoo of Johnny
  • Gonzo Fist Tattoo 

Where?:  On his left leg

Gonzo Fist Tattoo of Johnny
  • Salve Ogum Tattoo 

Where?: On his left forearm

Salve Ogum Tattoo
  • Snake Tattoo 

Where?: Near his right wrist

He got this one inked to honor his native American roots and his adoption in the Comanche nation. In native American culture a snake is considered as a symbol of transformation, renewal, and new beginnings.

Snake Tattoo of Johnny


Johnny Depp is very close to his mother and his grandfather. They always supported him in his life decisions. He got their portraits tatted as a tribute to them. His other tattoos are to honor his culture and native roots. Almost all of his tattoos have a deep meaning and a lesson about life and it’s difficulties, the hardships that you will face in life but you have to sail through it. 

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