Joe Rogan Tattoo & Their Meanings

Joe Rogan is an American actor, comedian, podcast host and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) color commentator. He is popular for his Spotify podcast ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’ in which he invites various popular celebrities and talks about a bunch of amazing topics. He has received a lot of awards and honors. Joe Rogan tattoo has a unique significance of its own. His four tattoos are on both of his arms. His tattoos are really beautiful and aesthetic, they cover his arms perfectly. Not every Joe Rogan tattoos of his have a meaning or a story behind it. Some of them are just for aesthetic purposes. 

Joe Rogan’s tattoo with their meanings

  • Rage Face Tattoo
Where? – Top of the right arm

Joe keeps this tattoo constantly hidden or covered all the time. It’s an imaginary face which is full of rage. The idea behind this tattoo remains a mystery like the tattoo itself. Joe doesn’t like showing off this tattoo so it must be very personal but of great significance. But all in all, it’s a very creative tattoo. 

  • Tribal Tattoo
Where? – Right arm

Leaving the Rage tattoo, Joe has his full right arm covered with tribal tattoo. It looks really fascinating and beautiful. However, he never explained the meaning or the story behind this tattoo. It’s probably one of those tattoo which he got for fun since it is pretty impressive in terms of its appearance. Tribal tattoos are generally a symbol of protection, power, and strength. It defines the wearer’s passions and identity. It could also be a physical adornment. 

  • Buddha tattoo
Where? – Left arm

Buddha is a spiritual identity all over the world. Joe Rogan has special place in his heart for Buddha. This Joe Rogan tattoo is based on a psychedelic experience he had once. In that psychedelic experience he was welcomed by an infinite fractal vision of floating Buddhas in lotus position. That trip had a tremendous impact on Joe and he decided to get inked with Buddha to remember that experience. Rogan now believes in the divine powers of Lord Buddha and takes at least one Buddha idol to all of his studios. The Buddha he saw while he has tripping was an Alien Thai Buddha which is basically seen in traditional cultures. The Buddha in his tattoo has his third eye open and is oozing out spiritual energy. People often confuse this tattoo with the image of Lord Shiva because there’s a bit of resemblance. A snake surrounds his Buddha. 

  • Chemical composition tattoo
Where? – Left arm, below the Buddha tattoo

Joe has got the chemical composition of a drug called DMT inked on his left arm below the Buddha tattoo. He believes that he communicated to Buddha when he was tripping on DMT. So in order to reminisce that divine encounter, which he believes was from another dimension, he got the tattoo of the chemical composition of the same drug. 


Some of the tattoos of Joe depict something close to his heart and some just showcase his aesthetics. The tattoos that he got have deep and interesting meanings. At the same time, there has been no compromise on the creativity and safety. The tattoos don’t always need to have a meaning, these days people have started considering tattoos as a piece of art. People don’t feel the need to limit themselves if they want to get inked. They just go for it for fun, to appreciate the art, culture and traditions of people from different parts of the world.