Joanna Angel Tattoo Ideas & Their Meanings


Joanna Mostov, aka Joanna Angel, is an American pornographic and mainstream actress, director, and writer of adult films. In April 2002, she founded a website called along with her roommate Mitch Fontaine. She is popular for helping in the growth of the alt-porn genre. Joanna is one of the most common faces of the adult industry. She has a lot of tattoos on her body. Her tattoos along with their meanings are here below. Let me know more about Joanna Angel’s tattoos.

Joanna Angel Tattoos

Medusa Tattoo of Joanna Angel

Where? – On her left thigh

In Greek culture, Medusa was one of the monstrous women who had snakes on her head in place of hair. Anyone who looked into her eyes turned into stone. This tattoo signifies death, violence, and erotic desire.

Diamond Tattoo of Joanna Angel

Where? : On her right torso

As a matter of fact, Joanna has got more than three diamond tattoos. A diamond tattoo is a symbol of glory, luxury, wealth, beauty, and purity. This tattoo also symbolizes eternity since diamonds last forever. 

Bow with Skull Tattoo of Joanna Angel

Where? : On her left thigh

Firstly, a bow tattoo usually signifies promise, commitment, and love. The crossed-bones skull tattoo symbolizes danger. This tattoo represents two contrasting elements together which is really creative. 

Mermaid Tattoo of Joanna Angel

Where? : On her right thigh

Mermaids are beings of the sea, this tattoo design symbolizes nature, birth or rebirth, and creation. Moreover, it can also signify intuition, psychic abilities, creativity, rebirth, and sexuality.

Cherries Tattoo of Joanna Angel

Where? : On her left index finger.

The cherry tattoos usually symbolize the value of life and time and also suggests that we should live life to the fullest. However, cherry tattoos can also represent sexuality, seduction, beauty, temptation, and youth.

Bow tattoo of Joanna Angel

 Where? : On her left middle finger

Bow tattoos symbolize promise, passion, commitment, and love. They also signify security like fastening something together. This tattoo usually demonstrates the feminine qualities but can be worn by any gender. 

Dagger piercing Heart Tattoo

Where? : On her right leg

Dagger piercing a heart tattoo can be used to represent destruction, loss, betrayal, and emotional loss. Joanna got a ‘DAMN THIS FOOLISH HEART’ tattoo along with this tattoo. 

Blue Rose Tattoo

Where? : On the nape of her neck

The color of the rose tattoo changes the meaning of the tattoo significantly. Blue rose is often used to symbolize mystery or attaining the impossible but it can also symbolize dedication and true love.

Dagger going through Panther Tattoo

Where?: On the left side of her neck

This tattoo is a symbol of power, authority, and passion. This tattoo represents a hurdle in life that has been overcome. The hurdle is depicted as a panther to demonstrate its intensity. 

Butterfly Tattoo

Where? : on her back

The beautiful yet short life of the butterfly demonstrates the process of spiritual transformation and reminds us that life is short. This tattoo symbolizes new beginnings, rebirth, change, and transformation waiting to unfold at every path of life. 

Other tattoos than Joanna has are:

  • Lady Skull Tattoo
  • Demon Tattoo
  • Laughing Mask Tattoo
  • Bow with Crossbones Skull Tattoo
  • Daddys Little Princess Tattoo
  • Live Trash, Die Young Tattoo
  • Diamond Tattoo
  • Claw Tattoo
  • Snake Tattoo
  • Star Tattoo
  • Angel Tattoo
  • Key Tattoo
  • Grim Reaper Tattoo
  • Sand Clock with Roses Tattoo
  • Ship in a Bottle Tattoo


All the aforementioned tattoos are really creative, trendy and convey deep meanings. These tattoos can also be used to demonstrate the love for art. The sizes and location of these tattoos can be chosen by the bearer as per his/her comfort level. The colors used to get these tattoos inked can be modified according to the bearer’s preferences.