20 + Jesus Tattoos Design & Their Meanings


The Concept of a tattoo is tapping ink into the skin or it’s a body modification where a design is by injecting ink in the dermis layer of the skin, to change the pigment. But mixing with the design related to spirituality makes the tattoo more significant for the wearer. People all over the world try to proclaim their spirituality and religion in many ways. One of the ways is by getting Jesus tattoos, there are many reasons behind it. Why do people want to get Jesus tattoos? One of the main reasons is either to tell the world which faith they belong to or to thank Jesus for the sufferings he had to go through.

Table Of Contents

  • Jesus Tattoo significance and meanings
  • Preferable body parts to get the Jesus Tattoo on
  • Trending Jesus Tattoo design

Jesus Tattoos Significance And Meanings

The image of Jesus is a consistent symbol of purity. So, the tattoo of Jesus signifies that a person wants to live a pure and purposeful life. It works for those who want to turn their lives around and be more like Jesus. Jesus’ tattoos have a lot of meanings to them, as Jesus Christ had a pleasant loyal and, righteous personality. So, his tattoo also has the same meaning as his personality, his deed, and his courageous nature. As a tattoo, Jesus is a reminder to emulate action on earth and treat others with kindness.

Preferable Body Parts To Get The Jesus Tattoos On:

Getting a Jesus tattoo depends on individual preference. It can be on any body part such as your forearm, chest, hands, neck, waist, back, and ankles. These areas are popular as tattoos on these areas are easy to flaunt. Jesus tattoo inked with beautiful designs is widely preferred by people all over the world. And if you think of yourself as a good person with a loyal heart and take pride in that, then Jesus’ tattoo might be a good choice for you, as it will describe your energy as a good human being.

Trending Jesus Tattoos design

  • Tribal Cross tattoo

This attractive tattoo has a hint of Maori tattoo art and is most preferable on forearms due to its perfect fit vertically on the forearm.

  • Jesus tattoo on the foot

It implies that your feet lead you to your destination and symbolizes that Jesus is leading your way and making sure you are on the right path.

  • Rosary tattoo

These are feminine and look elegant. The beaded design cross decorates your skin and exhibits your belief in Christianity.

  • Cross Tattoo on the wrist

A tiny cross on the wrist portrays your love for Christ.

  • Jesus Fish tattoo

The followers who believe in the resurrection have a strong affinity toward fish cross tattoos.

  • Virgin Mary tattoo

These are popular among seafarers as it symbolizes the protection and the life left behind.

  • Cross and Crown Tattoo

It symbolizes power, guidance, permanence, faith, and luck. When it combines a crown with a cross, it highlights the person’s religion.


We all know about the sacrifices made by Jesus Christ for the sake of humanity are countless. Due to this faith in him, the respect for him is beyond the limits, as the Jesus tattoo can be related to the events to Jesus, the Holy Bible, or the cross and Jesus tattoo mostly portrays the attributes of Christianity like inspiration, hope, honor, life, love, and forgiveness. The craze of Jesus’ tattoo is increasing day by day. It was banned once but there is no restriction now. So, people like to get inked their skin with a Jesus tattoo to express their faith in him as a good human being. If you are the one who believes in spirituality and wants to get inked with a tattoo that has a deep meaning behind it then Jesus’ tattoo will be the best fit for you.