Best Henna Tattoos & Their Meanings


Henna Tattoos are tattoos that are made using natural products like henna, oil, etc. The word Henna is an Arabic term and is basically an element of different cultures and religions. One can apply it anywhere on their body just like the regular ink tattoos but the best part is that they are temporary. These tattoos stay on your body for two to three weeks at most because these are temporary and they face off after a certain time. The natural henna is green as it from henna leaves and when dried it turns red in color. However, there are other colors like black and white also available. There are a lot of beautiful designs to choose from. If you like tattoos but are too afraid to get a tattoo or get a permanent one then this is the perfect solution for you.

Henna Tattoo significance and meanings

Henna has been in use since ancient times by both men and women in order to paint their bodies for various reasons. Applying henna on top of the hands signifies protection. Henna has some medicinal properties as well. It has a cooling effect and when applied to your feet, it cools down the nerves of your feet. They are a symbol of happiness so whenever there is a happy occasion, we apply it to the hands of the women in some cultures. It is pure and its herbal properties are beneficial for you. Some people also use it as a hair color. It is a tradition in some cultures to apply henna onto the bride and groom’s hands and feet.

Preferable Body Parts To Get The Henna Tattoos

We can make henna tattoos anywhere we want on our body. However certain parts of the body hold more significance than the other parts when applying them. It is to allow the person to be able to offer and receive blessing if it is the palms of that person. Palms are the most preferred areas to get henna tattoos as that’s where it gets darkest colour because of the warmth of the palms. Apart from the palms, arms, legs, feet etc. are also the preferred locations to get henna tattoos.

Trending Henna Tattoos

  • Sahasrara Henna Tattoo

These are mostly on the palms and represent unity. It has a lotus-like symbol.

  • Peacock Henna Tattoo

The peacock Henna tattoo is a symbol of beauty and prosperity and has a peacock in it. We can mostly find it on the front and back of hands.

  • Dragonflies And Butterflies Henna Tattoos

These tattoos represent transformation, rebirth and new beginnings.

  • Flower Henna Tattoos

These are the most common and popular. These are a symbol of grace and purity of the heart. The most common placements for these are on the hands and the back.

  • Vines and Leaves Henna Tattoos

The vines and leaves are followed by the flowers henna tattoos. They represent longevity and strength. These are applied on the fingers. 


Henna tattoos are the best when you want to get a tattoo but not a permanent one. These tattoos are very beneficial for you too as they have a lot of medicinal properties. These provide a cooling effect too. Apart from the tattoos which are made from original henna, there are other colors available like black and white which are made from synthetic colors. The black ones have a lot of chemicals in them hence they are not very good for you. They are available in a number of designs for you to choose from so you’re never short of options while opting for a henna tattoo.