Best Heart Tattoos & Their Meanings


Heart tattoos are one of the most popular tattoos in the tattoo world among both men and women. They come in all colors, designs, and sizes. The heart tattoos have deep meanings and symbolize love, compassion, friendship, and life. Heart tattoos are perfect for someone who wants to express love and adoration for someone else. Apart from representing love, they also represent heartbreak. There are a lot of designs available to choose from and one can also get one’s favorite designs custom-made.

Different Types of Heart tattoos

Heart Tattoos significance and meanings

The heart tattoos have a huge significance and deep meanings. Different designs convey different meanings. Every design is unique and so are their meanings. They have a multitude of meaning which can be as simple as expressing love, desire, passion or friendship. A broken heart tattoo represent heart ache because of the loss of a loved one or a heartbreak. There are also some heart tattoos which represent religious faith like the sacred heart tattoo which represent Christianity as a symbol and the winged heart representing free-spiritedness. There are two meanings of the heart in old as well as modern art.

These can express a positive as well as a negative feeling depending on its design. However, these tattoos are not only restricted to romantic relationships as one can use them to show love of any kind. It can represent your love for your family, friends, or lover.  Their broken heart is the symbol of sadness, grief, anger and regret over the loss of a loved one or the end of a relationship. However, it could also be a reminder to not take love for granted. These tattoos don’t always have to have a meaning. One can also get it done as decorative art on their body. 

Preferable body parts to get the heart tattoos done

A heart tattoo can be done on a person’s preferred body part. It could be any body part from your arms, writs, hands, neck to your waist, back, thighs and ankle. It depends on the person where they would like to get it done. Some people also prefer their tattoos on their hips, chest or behind the ears. These areas are really popular to get inked and are widely preferred by people all over the world.

Trending Heart Tattoos

  • Broken heart tattoo
The broken heart tattoo is done as a reminder of a lost loved one or a broken heart or in rare cases, it is also used to represent a long distance relationship. 
Broken heart tattoo
  • Black Heart Tattoo
These tattoos are done using black ink and have black hearts unscripted on the body to represent a very sad day in someone’s life. It is also used as an expression of grief mainly because of the loss of someone close to a person’s heart. It could also depict the end of a relationship or a memorial after a tragic incident. Black tattoos are used mostly with a name, cross, flowers or angel wings under them. 
Black Heart Tattoo
  • Tribal Heart Tattoos
These tattoos do not have any symbolic meaning as such but it’s very popular among people as it looks cool and may or may not have different personal meanings. There are also thousands of designs available in this.
Tribal Heart Tattoos
  • Winged Heart Tattoo
The winged heart tattoos are tattoos with wings which represent freedom and free spirit. These are used by people who want to express their free-spirited and joyous nature or it could also be used as freedom from certain addiction or bad habits.
Winged Heart Tattoo
  • Sacred Heart Tattoo
The sacred heart tattoo has a great surrounded by thorns, an angel, a crown and a pierced sword which is sometimes shown as burning with flames. It is often linked to be religious symbol of devotion towards Jesus Christ. It represents one’s faith in Christianity.
  • Celtic heart tattoo
This tattoo expresses strength and unity like the Celtic warriors. It is often made in for different designs such as crosses, knots, step work and spirals. 
Celtic heart tattoo
  • Lock and Heart Tattoo
The lock and heart tattoo has a positive meaning and it us usually used to represent love for one person. The other person is the key to lock on one person’s heart.
  • Dagger Heart Tattoo
It has both positive as well as negative meanings. The negative meaning represents sorrow, long lasting struggle or grief whereas its positive meaning represents courage and bravery.


The heart tattoos are generally done to show love, compassion and affection towards another person. The Love could be for their parents, siblings, lovers etc. These tattoos can be done on both males and females. These tattoos are available in many designs, colours and sizes. Each design represent a different meaning and each has a huge significance but sometimes they may not necessarily has to have a specific meaning. One can get it on different parts of their body like wrists, hands, forearm, thighs, behind the ears, neck, back etc. They look great and stylish.

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