Best Harry Styles Tattoo & Their Meanings


Harry Styles is an English singer and songwriter. He got famous when he was in the popular boy band, One Direction. The singer is also an actor by profession. He made his acting debut with Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk movie. Talking about tattoos, he has got a lot of tattoos on his body. Harry got his first tattoos when he was just eighteen years old. Lets look at some of the Best Harry Style’s best Tattoos & Their Meanings.

Harry Styles Tattoo on his body

  • Skeleton in a suit Tattoo

Where?: On his upper arm.

Harry Styles got this one inked in 2013 at the time of Halloween. He revealed this tattoo during his band’s Take Me Home Tour. 

  • Rose Tattoo

Where?: On his forearm.

Traditionally, this tattoo is a symbol of love and romance. He got his one inked when he was in a relationship with Taylor Swift. So it is speculated that this one is a tribute to their love. 

  • Two Swallows Tattoo

Where?: On his chest.

Traditionally, thus tattoo was inked by the sailors to represent their sailing experience tattooed on their neck, hands or chest. Swallows are a symbol of love. It was believed that after the death of the sailors those Swallows would help take their soul to heaven. Harry Styles travels a lot so he got this one inked. 

  • The Naked Mermaid Tattoo

Where?: Outside of his forearm.

Mermaid tattoos are believed to represent rebirth, seduction and danger. Harry said that he got this tattoo because he thinks he is a mermaid. 

  • Eagle Tattoo

Where?: On his right forearm.

This tattoo symbolizes courage and freedom. Harry got this tattoo when he was cruising in his singing career. This represented his solo singing career. 

  • Three Nails Tattoo

Where?: Inside of his left bicep.

  • Star Tattoo

Where?: Inner side of his left bicep. 

Green Bay Packers Tattoo

Where?: On his left forearm.

During a football match Harry Styles bet that if Green Bay Packers won the match he would get himself inked with this tattoo, as a result he ended up with the tattoo. He got inked even before knowing the results.

  • Christian Cross Tattoo

Where?: On his left hand, near his thumb.

  • Anchor Tattoo

Where?: On his left hand.

  • YOU BOOZE, YOU LOSE and a liquor bottle Tattoo

Where?: On his forearm. 

  • Holy Bible Tattoo

Where?: On his forearm. 

Harry Styles follows Christianity, he got this tattoo to show his devotion and love towards the religion. 

  • ‘Hi’  Tattoo

Where?: Inner right bicep.

  • Iced Gem Cookie

Where?: Inside of his left arm.

The famous boy band member got this tattoo in honor of his older sister, Gemma. Her nickname is Gem. 

  • ‘Can I Stay’ Tattoo

Where?: Left upper arm

  • Butterfly Tattoo

Where?: Across his stomach. 

Butterfly tattoos generally represent transformation. The singer this one inked to symbolize  of his transformation from different stages of his life. 

  • ‘ARLO’ Tattoo

Where?: On his left arm.

  • Birdcage Tattoo

Where?: His left ribcage.

  • Two Theater Masks

Where?: Below the Birdcage Tattoo.

  • Pirate Ship Tattoo

Where?: On his left arm .

He got this tattoo because it reminded him of travelling homeward. Moreover, he got this tattoo for when he’s off on his global tours. 

  • Two screws Tattoo

Where?: On his right toe.

  • ‘SILVER SPOON’ Tattoo

Where?: Back-side of his arm.

This tattoo symbolizes the success of his ex band, One Direction. 


Harry Styles has got more than fifty tattoos tatted on various parts of his body. Most of which show his attachment towards his home country, his religion. Some of them have helped him sail through the difficult times he had faced in his life. While Some are a reminder of what he is and what he wants to become. Some show him where he stands in life.