Grasshopper Tattoos Idea and Their Meanings


Firstly, grasshoppers bring good luck and happiness. So they’re carried in cages for the ride as a key to successful developments. Secondly, they are more common among people of the East and the West. It symbolizes a long and happy life, wealth, and fertility in China. As a matter of fact, it is believed to bring a high position in society in ancient Greek culture. Thirdly, grasshopper tattoos are mostly suitable for creativity. And innovative people like artists, composers, dancers, etc. Grasshopper Tattoos are quite famous. Let’s have a look at some.

Trending Grasshopper Tattoos

Grasshopper Tattoos with Knife

The Grasshopper on the knife tattoo signifies balance, freedom, thoughtfulness, power, etc. Moreover, it highlights the personality of the wearer as tender.

Grasshopper with Strawberries Tattoo

This tattoo represents love, passion, romance, purity, balance, and creativity. As a matter of fact, it also symbolizes abundance, patience, longevity, peace, progress, and stability.

Tiny Grasshopper Tattoos

This tattoo of a tiny grasshopper looks very cute. As a matter of fact, it symbolizes happiness, thoughtfulness, imagination, and freedom.

Grasshopper with Palm Tree Tattoo

The Grasshopper with palm tree tattoo. Moreover, It signifies longevity, patience, belief, balance, and eternity. It also symbolizes peace, calmness, and fertility.

Dot Work Grasshopper Tattoos

This is a unique hand-poked tattoo that gives the visual effects of the grasshopper. Therefore, it signifies longevity, creativity, fearlessness, and progress. It also symbolizes stability, security, joy, and dreams.

Grasshopper on the Carrots Tattoo

It represents good luck, fulfillment, love, and relationships. To sum up also symbolizes commitments, balance, and happiness.

Grasshopper sitting on the Frog Tattoo

It symbolizes healing, abundance, wealth, mysteries. Moreover, it also symbolizes regeneration, harmony, and balance.

Grasshopper holding a Guitar Tattoo

This tattoo depicts the nature of the wearer as someone who likes to play musical instruments. It also represents creativity, fearlessness, and harmony.

Grasshopper wearing a Hat Tattoo

This tattoo has a grasshopper wearing a hat that symbolizes peace, happiness, and cheerfulness.

3D Grasshopper Tattoos

The 3D grasshopper tattoo showcases the physical appearance of the grasshopper. It symbolizes opportunities, success, healing, and fearlessness.

Insects-Theme Grasshopper Tattoo

Insects being one of the most important aspects of the environment. Moreover, they signify growth, prosperity, good luck, and stability.

Grasshopper with Jump Rope Tattoo

This tattoo represents refreshment, happiness, achievements, enjoyment, and progress.

Rainbow Grasshopper (Dactylotum bicolor) Tattoo

Rainbow grasshopper comes in different patterns and colors. Moreover, it symbolizes nobility, fulfillment, and power.

Grasshopper with Raspberries Tattoo

It represents love, emotions, thoughtfulness, and purity.

Victorian Vintage Gentleman Grasshopper Tattoo

The tattoo signifies elegance, smartness, and wisdom.

Paisley Pattern Grasshopper Tattoo

Paisley is a world-famous, colorful ornamental design that signifies joy, happiness, and positivity.

Grasshopper with Luna Moth Tattoos

This tattoo represents feminity, changes, patience, dreams, and hope.

Black Grasshopper Tattoos

It represents fearlessness, freedom, thoughtfulness, power, and courage.

Sunflower-Theme Grasshopper Tattoo

This tattoo represents hope, renewal, happiness, and an abundance of wealth.

Grasshopper with Boxing Gloves Tattoo

This tattoo is usually worn by boxers as it represents their fearlessness and power.


In Conclusion, the Grasshopper tattoos are immensely popular among artists, composers, dancers, etc. It represents their passion for creativity. You can still choose to get it inked as per your liking. Even though these tattoos are popular among a certain set of people. While getting these tattoos, one should opt for a professional tattoo artist. Who knows what he’s doing as it’ll remain with them for a lifetime.