Father Daughter Tattoos & Their Meanings


The relationship between a father and his daughter is precious. Daughters consider their fathers as their role models and what better way to honor this bond than to get a tattoo together. The father-daughter tattoo is the perfect way to celebrate this amazing relationship as it’ll always remind you of the bond that you share with your old man. These tattoos are eternal and help you to show off your bond with your father to the world. These tattoos show the love and warmth shared by the father and mother. One can choose from innovative designs that are available and make them inked anywhere they want on their body. These tattoos are a clear picture of the unconditional love and affection that a father bestows upon his daughter.

Trending Father-Daughter Tattoos

There are a number of father-daughter tattoo designs available which are matching in order to help you celebrate the bond that you share with your old man. These designs range from popular Disney characters to artistic designs to meaningful quotes. Each one of them is sufficient enough to reflect one’s relationship with their father. These designs are especially meant for the father-daughter duo. Some of the trending designs are mentioned below. The preferable body parts are hands, neck, back etc. 

Thumbprint tattoo

The thumbprint tattoo helps to show the eternal bond between a father and his daughter. These are available in different colors too. One can also opt to get words like his angel or my angel inked along with the thumbprint tattoo.

Dual sparrow tattoo

The dual sparrow tattoo looks super cute and beautiful as well. It symbolizes the love and support of a father towards his daughter. 

Arch angel tattoo

The arch angel tattoo holds the scale of integrity and these tattoos are mainly in association with guardian angel tattoos. These represent strength and fearlessness of a father.

Lion Father and daughter tattoo

The lion tattoos represent fearlessness and care just like the lion’s behavior towards its family. This tattoo is available in different colors such as black, brown, yellow etc. 

Take my hand tattoo

This tattoo design has a father holding his daughters hands. Its background design and wonderful shading makes it more attractive. It’s also available in different sizes. The tattoo show a clear picture of a father holding his little girl’s hands and guiding her towards different aspects of life.

Small airplane tattoo

The small airplane tattoo is perfect for people who prefer minimal tattoos which are smaller in size. The airplane represents freedom and refer to people who wants to fly higher. The father and daughter duo can show their bond of similar thinking.

Butterfly tattoo

This tattoo includes butterflies which represent freedom and these are done in various colors thereby depicting various colors in your life. The butterfly signifies freedom and beauty too.

Connecting Tattoo

These are unique tattoo designs which include different types of structures like scissors, half-half ink in your hand and your father’s hand.  This tattoo is basically a connecting link between you and your father. It is available in different designs too.


The father-daughter tattoos are the best way to showcase the bond and love between you and your father. It will remain with you for a lifetime and will always remind you of the love that your share with your old man. There are umpteen designs available to choose from and you can also customize them according to your wish. The bond between a father and his daughter is precious and these tattoos are mainly done in order to support that bond.


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