Eye of Horus Tattoos and Their Meanings


Eye of Horus depicts a left eye with an ornate brow all around it and is a sign of magic and power. Eye of Horus, also known as ‘All-seeing eye’ in ancient Egypt. It shows the power of having protection and a watchful eye all over you. It is the eye of the powerful God Horus who is the son of Isis (one of the most powerful Goddesses). Horus is the god of the sky with each eye corresponding to the sun and the moon. This is a reminder of the powerful nature of Horus and it can see through any boundaries. Let’s have a look at some Eye of Horus tattoos.

Eye of Horus

Eye of Horus Tattoos 

Many people have a common belief that the Eye of Horus can be useful in their magical workings. These magical workings deal with self-awareness, rebirth, and self-sacrifice. The Eye of Horus translates to ‘one who does’ as a hieroglyphic so this tattoo also symbolizes dedication. It is also healing and is also a means of measurement in the field of medicine. The most commonplace for Eye of Horus tattoo is the chest or shoulder blade but inking it anywhere else wouldn’t lower its symbolism. 

Eye of Horus Tattoos 

Eye of Horus tattoos with their meanings

Back Neck Eye of Horus Tattoo

This is the best spot for Eye of Horus tattoo as the smooth and flat floor will help you be more intricate with the tattoo details. This tattoo is related to ambition, power, and danger. Neck is a place that is constantly in an exposure. It is also a region that is too painful for tattoo placement. So, it makes you more susceptible to having strong willpower. 

Back Neck Eye of Horus Tattoo

Shoulder Tattoo

This is a popular destination to get tattoos for men and women. It is because shoulders are generally associates

with power and strength. The Eye of Horus tattoo on the shoulder symbolizes power, dedication, and determination. 

 Eye of Horus Tattoo on Shoulder

Eye of Horus Pyramid tattoo 

Eye of Horus tattoo can be combined with pyramid tattoo. In order to bring an all-new meaning of time and place to it. The pyramid represents longevity, protection, perseverance, and dedication and it is symbolic of order as well. It is also considered as the Illuminati symbol.

Eye of Horus Pyramid tattoo 

Back tattoo

This tattoo symbolizes the foundation of life. They are generally more discreet because they are on an artists’ back but they aren’t any less important. 

Eye of Horus Back tattoo

Fingers tattoo

These are the minimum bits of the Eye of Horus tattoos that can inspire you but the size of these tattoos does not justify their significance. These represent healing and well-being for one all and give you a source of inspiration in case you are just starting your journey to healing. 

Eye of Horus tattoo on finger

Eye of Horus on chest tattoo

The eye of Horus tattoo on the chest is a symbol of masculinity, strength, power, and longevity. They are presented ‘facing forward’ on the chest and give you the willpower and determination to handle any obstacle in life. 

Eye of Horus on chest tattoo


Eye of Horus tattoo can be looked at as a symbol of safe travel or of healing whether it be the journey of your life or just a vacation to freshen you up. An Eye of Horus tattoo expresses the protection and magick that God Horus will provide you once you have completely submitted to the power of manifestation. This tattoo is all protective and all-seeing and reminds you that healing comes in various forms, it is just a matter of belief in how you let yourself heal your body and mind. If you love Egyptian gods and the symbolism that comes from these gods, you should definitely try an Eye of Horus tattoo and it doesn’t necessarily have to be a detailed one. 

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