Elephant Tattoos & Their Meanings


Elephants are wise animals who never forget. Humans can learn so much from them. From solitude to love. They teach us everything about life. The way that these mammals carry their weight no matter how heavy. Elephant Tattoos represent beauty and grace. The tattoo also teaches us not to give under any circumstance. Elephant tattoos are a universal symbol of loyalty, strength, and good luck. That is why elephants make an unforgettable tattoo design. 

Elephant Tattoo Significance And Meanings

Elephants are the largest animals on earth. It has beautiful traits such as creative communication skills, impressive memories, loyalty, and beautiful unique structures. These qualities make elephant tattoos very fascinating for the human race. Elephant tattoos symbolize prosperity, wisdom, and good luck. Each tattoo has their respective explanations and meanings. 

Preferable Body Parts To Get Elephant Tattoos

Getting a tattoo on your body is a very creative task. You need to extra careful when doing it. An elephant tattoo looks exceptional at any part if the body. However, these few body parts will make the look more enhanced and beautified. Most people get these tattoos on their shoulders, back, chest, arms, triceps and hips. 

Trending Elephant Tattoos

Small Elephant Tattoo 

Though elephants are some of the largest animals. They look great in small tattoos. Their appearance on the body is very recognizable. These small tattoos can be anywhere on the body from the shoulder to your stomach or back. It is a versatile choice. If you are just a beginner to the tattoo realm or even if you find of getting tattoos. 

Simple Elephant Tattoo

Elephant tattoos can be as simple or as elaborate as you like. You can choose black ink simple elephant tattoos if you want a minimalistic tattoo. You can also try silhouettes, cartoon elephants. Or any other simple yet elegant elephant tattoo design. 

Mandala Elephant Tattoo

Elephants have strong spiritual significance in the East. God Ganesha is an elephant god in the Hindu culture. This God is associated with wisdom, success, and removing obstacles in life. Both elephants and mandalas have strong spiritual significance in Eastern cultures. This tattoo is the perfect choice for a spiritual or religious person. 

Elephant Family tattoo

Just like humans, elephants are also family – oriented. They have unbreakable bonds. Because they live together with their babies for years. If you are devoted to your family or your family-to-be, consider inking this tattoo on your body. 

Mom and baby elephant tattoos

These tattoos are not only cute but also meaningful. Every herd of elephants is made up of a mom and baby duo of elephants. These are the best choice for a recent father or a father-to-be. It is to show his partner and child this tattoo as a tribute. 

Elephant Head Tattoo

An elephant head tattoo is very popular along with adults. It is recognizable because of the distinctive ears and trunk of an elephant. It also makes you stand out. The tattoo has wide recognition. You can choose from a range of designs. You can ask the artist to do sketch style, old school, or watercolor. 


These beautiful giants of the animal kingdom are becoming more popular. They are a tattoo choice for their powerful symbolism and significance. As one of the most recognizable animals on Earth. These creatures can be suited to fit into many tattoo styles. Elephants represent memory, empathy, and wisdom. They are, therefore, the perfect choice if you want to get your body inked.