Ed Sheeran Tattoos & Their Meanings


Ed Sheeran was born on 17th February, 1991 in England. Ed is a singer, songwriter, musician, record producer, actor, and businessman. He recorded his first music in the year 2004 and got popular through YouTube. He is extremely famous amongst the youngsters for his songs. Lets have a look at some of the Ed Sheeran Tattoos.

Ed Sheeran Tattoos

Ed Sheeran has got more tha than 60 tattoos inked on his body. Kevin Paul is the artist behind many of Ed’s tattoos. Ed now has around thirty tattoos on his front, plus many more on his arms.

Ed Sheeran Tattoos With Their Meanings

Broken heart with no entry tattoo

Where? – Lower abdomen

Ed Sheeran got inked with this tattoo to showcase his own song called, ‘Hearts Don’t Break Around Here’.

Lion tattoo

Where? – Chest

Ed Sheeran’s fans weren’t happy when he got this tattoo but he later explained the meaning behind this tattoo. He got this tattoo for Wembley which was his biggest achievement. He got inked with it so that he remembers what he’s proud of.

Lads on tour Tattoo

Where? – Left shoulder

He got this tattoo when he was on a knock out tour. He got it abruptly.

Koala tattoo

Where? – Left forearm

It’s a tribute to one of his tour in Australia.

Goat tattoo

Where? – Left forearm

He got this tattoo for sentimental reasons he doesn’t want to disclose.

Mother and Child tattoo

Where? – Right arm

Ed got inked with this tattoo because he is extremely close to his mother. This tattoo is a tribute to his relationship with his mother. 

Red Heart tattoo

Where? – Right arm

He got this tattoo as a token of thanks to his fans and followers. 

Family tree tattoo

Where? – Right bicep

It’s quite clear that Ed got this tattoo to showcase his love for his family. He got this tattoo in 2013 and shared it on Instagram. 

Teddy Bear Tattoo

Where? – Right Bicep

Ed’s childhood name used to be Teddy, hence he got this tattoo. 

Kiwi Bird tattoo

Where? – left bicep

Ed got this tattoo when he was on a tour in New Zealand. Ed likes representing the places he has visited with the animals that represent that place. 

Green Gecko tattoo

Where? – Right arm

Ed got this tattoo in the year 2014. Green Geckos represent good fortune and wisdom. 

Kool guy tattoo

Where? – Right bicep 

 This tattoo was designed by John Mayer. Ed Sheeran and John Mayer were to get the tattoos done on their body as decided and designed by each other, which were to be revealed only after being done when they appeared on ‘The late late show’.

Other tattoos

  • Spectacles tattoo
  • Greenstone tattoo
  • English tea cuppa tattoo
  • Blue wings tattoo
  • Festina Lente tattoo
  • Paw print tattoo
  • Delicate green leaves tattoo
  • Snowflake tattoo
  • Jigsaw tattoo
  • Your name tattoo
  • Stereo buttons tattoo
  • Music lyric tattoo
  • Heinz tomato ketchup tattoo
  • Lego house tattoo
  • A maple leaf tattoo
  • Lips for the Rolling Stones tattoo
  • An autograph of Damien Rice tattoo
  • Puss in boots tattoo
  • World tattoo
  • Pingu tattoo
  • Phoenix tattoo
  • Hand print tattoo
  • Vincent van Gough Starry Night painting Tattoo
  • The gingerman from Shrek tattoo
  • RED tattoo
  • Prince tattoo
  • Mug tattoo
  • Impulse tattoo
  • Bloodstream tattoo
  • Plus sign tattoo
  • Three boxing gloves tattoo
  • Sagrada Família Church tattoo
  • Everything that happens is from now on tattoo
  • Galway Grill tattoo
  • Heart and star tattoo
  • Japanese symbol tattoo
  • Grammy Award tattoo
  • Number 5 tattoo
  • Gaelic quote tattoo
  • Three leaf clover tattoo
  • Flowers tattoo
  • Tree tattoo
  • Panda tattoo
  • Smiley tattoo
  • Shark tattoo
  • Rose tattoo


Ed Sheeran is the kind of person who likes remembering his achievements, the places where he has been to, the songs that he has sung, and the family he has been a part of. Every tattoo of his has a story to tell. The more he achieves, the more tattoos he gets. The size of all his tattoos are generally small thereby leaving a lot of space on his body for further tattoos.