10 Best Dragon Tattoos & Their Meanings

Dragon tattoos are very powerful symbols as per the Asian culture. According to the western world, dragon tattoos demonstrate evil, danger, and darkness. In Chinese and Japanese culture, dragon tattoos are to showcase power, strength, and the unrelenting spirit of man. There are so many different dragon tattoo ideas to choose from. So, people must decide for themselves what their dragon tattoos will mean. A list of different trendy dragon tattoos is here below along with their meanings to make it easy for you to choose. 

Chinese Dragon Tattoos

The Chinese dragon tattoo has a snake-like design and it is very colorful with red accents. Basically, It symbolizes protection from evil, power, wisdom, and prosperity.

Japanese Dragon Tattoos

The Japanese dragon tattoo looks similar to the other Asian dragon designs. It has subtle differences. Hence, This tattoo signifies strength, power, masculinity, and passion.

Western Dragon Tattoos

Such dragons are fire-breathing mythical creatures. Western culture depicts dragons as evil creatures meant for destruction. It can demonstrate power but not protection. 

Floral design dragon tattoo

Floral tattoos always look great regardless of the gender of the bearer. Some people aren’t fond of plain dragon tattoos so they add decorations and effects to them to make them look more appealing. This tattoo has a winged dragon surrounded by flowers. It looks detailed and quite inspirational. 

Dragon leg sleeve tattoo

This tattoo has a jaw dropping eastern dragon design which many people are familiar with since its from one of the most loved anime, namely Dragon Ball Z. It signifies power and good luck. 

Baby Dragon tattoo

This baby dragon demonstrates innocence, because of the beautiful floral design that accompanies it. It’s usually black and white and looks great even when it’s in combination with other tattoos. This tattoo is an innocent approach to the regular dragon tattoo. 

Haku Dragon tattoo

Dragons aren’t always inspired by mythical folklore. Haku, which is one of the most popular characters of Studio Ghibli’s Spirited Away, is a great inspiration for a dragon tattoo. This tattoo is designed to be black and white, but Haku’s true colors are green and white. If you’re inspired by a Studio Ghibli tattoo design, Haku can be a great inspiration for your tattoo. 

Twin Dragons tattoo

Twin dragons are all about overcoming struggles and tough decisions in life. Both the dragons in this tattoo are prominent and large. If you decide to go for some variant of twin dragons, it is important to highlight them in a different color to add more depth to the design.

Battle Dragon tattoo

This dragon tattoo can be used to demonstrate the battle inside of you. The samurai in this tattoo represents you fighting against your fears, challenges, and struggles, portrayed in the form of a dragon. 

  • Dragon Castle Tattoo
  • Tiger and Tattoo
  • Dragon and Skull Tattoo
  • Tribal Dragon Tattoo
  • Koi Dragon Tattoo
  • Celtic Dragon Tattoo


Dragons make fantastic variety in designs and symbolism, ranging from tribal tattoo art to Western and Asian mythological creatures. They all have distinct character traits and symbolic meanings. Different cultures associate this mighty creature with mystical power and freedom to roam and do as they please. The aforementioned tattoos are extremely popular amongst people of all ages and genders. Their size and color depend entirely on the bearer.