Chris Brown Tattoos & Their Meanings


Christopher Maurice Brown (born on 5th May 1989) is an American songwriter, singer, actor, and dancer. He is more famously known as Chris Brown. The famous personality wanted to become an artist since his childhood days, he used to sing for the church choir when he was young. He has won various awards throughout his career. Chris is very popular in the music industry because of his record breaking songs. He is also known for his tattoos. The following are some of Chris Brown tattoos with their meaning.

Chris Brown Tattoos on his body

  • Joyce tattoo

Where?: On his wrist 

Joyce was Chris Brown’s Mother’s name. He got this tattoo because he was very close to her. 

  • Jesus Portrait with music notes Tattoo

Where?: On his side deltoids 

Chris got this one inked because he thinks his musical talent is a gift from Jesus Christ. It signifies how god blessed him with this talent. This tattoo was his first tattoo. 

  • Angel Wings Tattoo

Where?: On his chest 

This one signifies his religious beliefs. 

  • ‘Symphonic Love’ Tattoo

Where?: Across his chest

He got this one to signify his love for music. 

  • F16 Fighter Jet Tattoo

Where?: On his stomach 

  • ‘FAME’ Tattoo
Where?: On his inner Bicep

FAME stands for Forgive All My Enemies. FAME was also the title of his 4th music album which he released in 2012. In an interview Chris said FAME is also an abbreviation for Fans Are My Everything. 

  • Dragon Ball Tattoo

Where?: On his right leg

Chris is a huge fan of Dragon Ball Anime. This tattoo is the Dragon Ball. 

  • Mega Man Tattoo

Where?: On his right leg 

Mega Man is one of his favorite cartoon characters. 

  • Ninja with swords Tattoo

Where?: On his arm, below Jesus Tattoo 

There are two ninjas holding swords, they represent good and evil. 

  • Snake and the all seeing eye

Where?: On his back

He was born in 1989 which is the year of the snake according to the Chinese Zodiac, he got this tattoo for this reason. The all seeing eye is the sign of Illuminati which many believe he is a member of. 

  • Karrueche Tran Tattoo

Where?:On his elbow

Karrueche was his ex girlfriend. He got this one as a tribute to her. 

  • The Feather and the smiley Tattoo

Where?: On his back

  • Royalty Brown portrait Tattoo

Where?: On his back

Royalty Brown is Chris Brown’s daughter. He got this one on her 2nd birthday. 

  • Aphrodite and the Bull Tattoo

Where?: On his head 

Bull is for his Zodiac sign Taurus and Aphrodite is the Greek goddess of love. 

  • The Bandit Tattoo

Where?: Under his armpit 

  • Spray Can with twos Tattoo

Where?: On his hand

These represent his love for his hometown, Virginia. The spray cans represent his love for graffiti art. 


Chris Brown has got a lot of tattoos inked on his body. Tattoos tell a lot about a person, his personality, what he likes, what he believes, etc. Most of Chris Brown’s tattoos are a tribute to the special people in his life, his religious beliefs, family and his Zodiac. He has also got tattoos dedicated to his hometown, Virginia.