Charles Oliveira Tattoos Design & Their Meanings


Charles Oliveira is a professional mixed martial artist. He was born in Brazil and his full name is Charles Oliveira da, Silva. He has been competing in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) since 2010. Charles holds numerous records in the UFC. One of his records is for the most submissions in the championship. He started practicing jiu-jitsu after recovering from an injury that made him stay at the hospital for two months. Charles has got quite a few tattoos on his body; his fans love them. Let’s have a look at some of the Charles Oliveira tattoos.

Charles Oliveira Tattoos on his body

  • Horse Tattoos
Where?: On his left shoulder, bicep, arm, and forearm

Charles has got horse tattoos on multiple parts of his body, majorly on his left side. He is an avid horse lover and loves horse racing too. He has been a horse racing lover since his childhood days that’s why he dedicated his whole left arm to horses and got multiple tattoos on it.

  • T & C tattoo followed by a knot
Where?: On his wrist

The initial C stands for his name and T stands for his wife’s name i.e. Talita Roberta Pereira. This tattoo represents his love for his wife. The couple got married in the year 2014 and they also have a daughter named Tayla.

  • Lion Tattoo on his left forearm
Where?: On his left forearm

Charles has got a huge lion face tattoo on his left forearm; the tattoo covers his whole left forearm. The tattoo symbolizes courage, confidence, and strength.

  • Elephant Tattoo
Where?: Inner side of his right bicep

He has a big elephant tattoo on the inner side of his right bicep, this tattoo is known to be a symbol that brings good luck and it is also a symbol of divinity, strength, and loyalty.

  • Gorilla Tattoo
Where?: inner side of his right arm

This big tattoo symbolizes gentleness, strength, compassion, leadership, accountability, and intelligence.

  • Horse Cart Tattoo
Where?: Near his left elbow
  • Dragon Tattoo
Where?: On his right arm
  • Heartbeat Tattoo
Where?: On his left forearm

Heartbeat tattoos symbolize passion, love, power, emotion, time.

  • Oliveira Tattoo
Where?: On his upper back

Charles has got his family name Oliveira tattooed on his upper back to show his love for his family.

  • Portrait of his daughter
Where?: On his left pec

He got this tattoo inked before his 242nd UFC vacant championship match against Michael Chandler, this tattoo shows his love for his daughter, Tayla who was born in the year 2017.


Charles Oliveira has got multiple animal tattoos on his body which shows his love for animals, mainly powerful, strong animals that depict strength, confidence, masculinity. He has got more than three horse tattoos which show that his favorite animal is a horse. Charles has also got tattoos dedicated to his family, which shows that he loves his family.