Top 10 Celtic Tattoos & Thier Meanings


Celtic tattoos are tattoo designs featuring a number of complicated twists with knots. They appear to never fail to grab anyone’s attention. They have really deep meanings as these tattoos symbolize various kinds of meanings.


The Celtic tattoos originated from the Celtic warrior’s traditions. It is known that the Celtic warriors went to the battle bare-chested or sometimes naked. So they used to wear the Celtic tattoos as an intimidation tactic. Those tattoos were made using blue ink made from the woad plant. The designs nowadays are similar to the ones used at that time. The symbols in these tattoos are a mixture of German and Pagan cultures. It was originally for the Celtic warriors. Today it does not hold any gender bias. Celtic tattoos were originally for men.

Celtic tattoos and their meanings

The Celtic tattoos his different meanings which are really deep. They were generally for men but nowadays they do not hold any gender bias. These tattoos also hold a religious significance. The knots represent the interconnection of humans with the rest of the universe. Hence they hold a deeper meaning. These knots also indicate endlessness as they belong from a single thread. They have no beginning or end indicating the never-ending circle of human life. The Trinity Celtic knots which are the three knots depict the union between three people.

Preferable body parts to get the tattoo on

The Celtic tattoos look best on the arms, back, shoulders and neck. These tattoos are extremely beautiful. It makes you look stunning.

Trending Celtic tattoos

Celtic bird tattoo

The Celtic bird tattoos are extremely beautiful but more complicated. The bird symbolizes purity. It’s a high variation of existence for the Celtics. As they spend most of their time flying in the air thereby making them superior and pure.

Interwoven Celtic Cross Tattoo

The interwoven cross tattoo designs denote a passage between heaven and earth. The crosses with circles around them represent infinity. These are really popular these days.

Celtic Trinity And Triquetra Symbol Tattoo On Neck

The Celtic Trinity or triquetra tattoos are usually the tattoos that are three-cornered. It has three-sided triangular designs. They symbolize different meanings cosmos, spirit, and belongingness. The circle around it represents the different moon phases and Sun.

Fish or Salmon Celtic Tattoo

The fish or salmon Celtic tattoo designs represents the zodiac animal that is, the fish. The symbol represents depth and greater level of introspection as well as brilliance and excellence. 

Small Butterfly Celtic Tattoo

The small butterfly Celtic tattoo symbolises sense of wonder and youthful happiness. It is common among people whose birthday fall between September 30 to October 27 as the butterfly is a zodiac symbol for them.

Celtic Knot Tattoo

The Celtic knot tattoos are very popular amongst all Celtic tattoos as artwork. These symbolize power, destiny, strength, wisdom, strength, leadership, and endurance. The designs are really complicated but beautiful.

Quaternary Celtic Knot Tattoo

These tattoos have four corners hence the name quaternary. These four corners either represent the four directions, the main seasons, or the four major elements. When closed, they signify infinity but when open, it signifies a journey.

The half sided Celtic tattoo

These tattoos are on the half side of the body usually the entire shoulder area. They represent different elements like sun, moon, air, etc. They also represent the pride of tribal people.

Celtic Owl tattoo

These tattoos have owls and moon in them. They represent knowledge about other worlds and psychic awareness.


The Celtic tattoos are very complex to make. But they are extremely beautiful and look stunning on a person’s body. It takes a lot of hard work. People take years of practice to master the art of making these tattoos. One should definitely go to a professional in order to get these tattoos done.