Best Butterfly Tattoos & Their Meanings

Butterflies are delicate as well as bold species with colorful designs on their wings. It is one of the most beautiful creatures on the planet. They’re unique in their own way and so are we. Hence, butterfly tattoos are the best way to display one’s uniqueness. There are thousands of species of butterflies. Hence, there is a huge variety of them available in terms of design which can turn into tattoos with several combinations and styles. These tattoos signify a new beginning. Women who want to portray themselves as bold and free-spirited used to get butterfly tattoos. The designs connect with love and femininity traditionally. They can also represent resilience, change, endurance, and hope. 

Trendy Butterfly Tattoos

Small Butterfly Tattoos

Small butterfly tattoos are perfect in case you’re getting tattoos for the very first time. They are dainty, subtle, and can be placed anywhere you want on your body. All in all, it’s a perfect option to go for people who love petite and elegant designs.

Simple Butterfly Tattoos

A simple butterfly tattoo represents freedom and beauty thereby resonating with everyone. Its design is simple and clean. You can get it done however and wherever you want.

Monarch butterfly Tattoos

The Monarch butterfly is classy and timeless. It represents beauty and royalty. You can choose from a traditional as well as a modern design. These are very beautiful so you’re surely going to get plenty of compliments for this tattoo.

Blue Butterfly Tattoos

The blue butterfly tattoo is beautiful, stylish and represents joy and luck. You can go for single or multiple insects in one tattoo. 

Butterfly and Rose Tattoo

This tattoo is a combination of a butterfly and rose. It signifies love, passion, and transformation. This design is both feminine and stunning. It is a symbol of adoration and gentleness.

Butterfly Skull Tattoo

This tattoo is a symbol of mortality and new life. Both of them when combined together represent the circle of life. These designs are slightly larger in size so you can get them inked on a larger area such as your thighs, chest, back, etc.

Semicolon Butterfly Tattoo

The butterfly and semicolon tattoo showcases overcoming hard times and struggles while representing strength and resilience. This tattoo is a powerful reminder of a person’s inner strength to meet the challenges in life. It looks great on the wrist.

Traditional Butterfly Tattoo

This is a bold and vibrant tattoo which is a great choice for someone’s first tattoo. It represents freedom and is the ultimate symbol of independence.

Watercolour Butterfly Tattoo

If you love artwork then you should definitely go for the watercolor tattoo. It is a delicate and finely detailed design and represents creativity. 

Tribal Butterfly Tattoo

A tribal butterfly tattoo represents beauty, rebirth, and good luck. It looks excellent anywhere on the body, but for maximum impact, you can opt for your back, shoulder, or ankle.

Black and White Butterfly Tattoo

The black and white butterfly tattoos are timeless and look striking even though they don’t have that pop of color. They’re timeless and chic.


Butterfly tattoos are a beautiful choice as it represents all of the changes in life. They will look good on anybody and everybody. These tattoos have always been popular regardless of the time period. You can customize them according to your likings, ideologies, and tastes. If you’re looking to get a butterfly tattoo, you should get it done by a professional tattoo artist as some of the designs are really complicated and only a professional can do it amazingly. For a person who cherishes life, freedom, and individuality, this tattoo is a perfect choice.