Brother Sister Tattoos & Their Meanings


Siblings are the best friends you are already born with. To honor this bond, some people like to get tattoos. If you are close with your siblings, you can go for any tattoo you want. It can be big, or small, it can be simple or silly, it can be statement making or aesthetically pleasing. A tattoo can be a stylish way of telling that you care. Lets have a look at some of the best Brother Sister Tattoos & Their Meanings.

Most famous Brother Sister Tattoos For Siblings 

In the world today, our ideas don’t have limits. We get creative every passing day. Tattoos are a part of the creative world. When someone wants to get a tattoo, that person has a particular idea in his head. But sometimes, we just don’t know what our tattoos should look like, we often run out of ideas. Mentioned below, are the best tattoo ideas which are perfect and appropriate for the siblings who want to get inked together. 

  • Anchor tattoo

An anchor tattoo symbolizes many things but it is popularly known to signify strength, stability, and strong bonds. This is why it’s the number one tattoo for siblings. It means that you are going to stick together throughout your life.

Anchor tattoo
  • Portrait Tattoo 

Almost all of the siblings have cute pictures of their childhood together. You can turn those pictures into tattoos. This is extremely unique and creative tattoo idea to showcase your memories together. You can choose any portrait you want, but the best idea would be to choose the most memorable one. 

  • Pet tattoo 
Most of us had pets when we were kids and unfortunately, they aren’t with us anymore. To cherish the fond memories of your siblings and you playing with your pet, you can get inked with its name or with its picture. 
  • Geometric tattoo 

If you want a tattoo that isn’t very obvious but very creative, going for geometric tattoos would be the best option. You can get triangles, circles, or any shape inked. This is a really trendy idea since the geometric tattoos that you get are connected to each other in some way, like one of you can have the triangle colored and the other can leave it blank. These kind of tattoos look good together as well as individually. 

  • Harry Potter inspired tattoo 

You can get this tattoo with your siblings if you all are Harry Potter fans. This will portray your fond memories of childhood when you used to watch Harry Potter movies together. You can go with any theme of the movie, or any particular aspect of the movie and recreate the moments accordingly. 

  • Compass Tattoo 

As we all know, a compass has always been used to show the right direction. Similarly, siblings show each other the right path, which is why this is one of the best tattoos for the siblings. It means that no matter where you all are, you’ll always find your way back to each other. 

  • Gaming Tattoo 
As kids, we all have loved to play games. Some if us still do. We all have a favorite childhood video game that we used to play with our siblings. You can get inked with your favorite games with your siblings. Or you can even get a tattoo representing the player number. The elder sibling can get the player 1 tattoo and older one can get the player two tattoo. Or you can choose the player number according to your age! 
  • Jokes tattoo 

Siblings have their inside jokes which they remember throughout their lives. You can get the jokes as tattoos too, and if you don’t want anyone to decipher the meaning, you can come up with your own code language. This is a really unique tattoo idea.

  • Sun and Moon tattoo 

Sun and moon represent relationship. Moon is dependent on the sun for its light. Similarly the elder siblings guide us, shed light to out paths. The elder sibling could get a sun tattoo and the younger ones can get the moon tattoo. This is the perfect way to showcase your bond. 

  • Smiley Tattoo 

Smiley tattoos represent the nature of the person. The siblings can get tattoos with the smileys that match with their personality and nature. There are hundreds of smileys to choose from. Gloomy or playful, fun or serious, you can match your personality with the smiley easily without any problem. 


Getting a tattoo is not just restricted to couples or best buddies. These days more and more siblings have been getting into the notion of getting inked to show their love and affection for each other. A tattoo is something that is going to stay with them for the rest of their lives. For some people it has become a symbol of their devotion to each other and in a way for commitment too. Hence, the aforementioned tattoos ideas are going to get you out incase you are having a creative block. 

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