Best Brand Tattoos & Their Meanings


We all know that the trend of getting tattoos is increasing as the generation is getting more fashionable. But getting brand tattoos is something that you can call the next level of tattooing. Branding was a primitive form of body modification. It involved the burning of skin with a hot or cold instrument to carve a permanent design on the body. It was put to an end a long time back. Now people get their favorite brand tattoos whenever they want.

Brand Tattoos

Brand Tattoo Significance And Meanings

Just as metal signifies strength. Its brittle nature teaches us how to face tough situations with the right approach in life. If you don’t face them with the right approach it will not only rust you. Not only from outside but from inside too. Brand tattoos are badges that symbolize permanent membership of a social group. It makes us feel a belonging. It also helps the customers to feel that bond with others. Especially in the social group who share special interests, common ethics, and values. Brand tattoos give a message that the people belong to a unique group and a personally meaningful community. It also signifies a customer’s loyalty and tattooed brands are iconic in nature. They have deep roots in our contemporary cultural mythology.

Preferable Body Parts To Get The Brand Tattoo On:

It all depends on individual preference or any preferred body part. It can be your arms, chest, hands, neck, waist, back, thighs, and ankles. These areas are popular to get permanent beautiful scars and are widely preferable by people all over the world. Also, because of the reason that branding is not a normal inking process it suggestable to get a little careful while choosing. It’s a little bit of a harsh process and you don’t want to harm yourself by getting it on delicate parts of your body. 

Trending Brand Tattoos:

Harley-DavidsonIt is an American motorcycle manufacturer found in 1903.  It is basically a brand for stylish and trending bikes and a center of attraction for bike lovers.

Harley-Davidson Brand Tattoo

Nike – Nike, Inc. is an American company that engages in the design, development, and sales of footwear, apparel, equipment, accessories, and services. It not only manufactures shoes but bags and various other luxury items.

Nike Brand Tattoo

Playboy – It is a clothing brand for males. 

Playboy  brand tattoo

Coca-Cola – It is an American multinational beverage corporation. It has interests in manufacturing non-alcoholic beverages.

Coca-Cola Tattoo

VW (Volkswagen) – It is a car company from Germany. The word Volkswagen means “people’s car” in German.

VW (Volkswagen)

Apple – Multinational company that makes electronics (the Macintoshes). It is a company that sells consumer electronics, computer software, and online services.



The decision of getting a Brand tattoo should be taken seriously. If you are loyal towards that brand. Getting a brand tattoo gives a better appreciation for the brand itself. There are many psychological meanings attached to getting a brand tattoo. For example, membership into social groups, finding meaningful associations and connecting with ideals. Customers carve an emotional pay out from their interaction with the brand they love. As brand tattoo creates a permanent physical, psychological and emotional connection between the customers and the brand. A Tattooed brand have strong visual appeal or an iconic image like Nike symbol signifies a powerful visual maker. It also offers a promise of an Ideal experience the customer seeks for.

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