Aztec Tattoos

Aztec tattoos are cultural tattoos, related with ancient. These tattoos represent rich culture and history and have really interesting designs. Aztecs were a great civilization in South America who were popular for their knowledge and usage of art. Aztecs used their art as a source of communication. They used to paint their bodies, and make different patterns in order to communicate with one another. The Aztec tattoos are mainly done on men as it adds up to their masculine features. 

Significance and meanings of Aztec Tattoos

Aztec tattoos have a strong culture and history behind them. It comes from the Aztec civilization where the Aztec people painted each other’s body in order to communicate with one another. They also included different patterns and symbols. They used to honor the Aztec God as a part of the ritualistic ceremony initially. After that, they started wearing these tattoos as a representation of their status as warriors. It helped to distinguish them from the common people. The most common Aztec Tattoo is that of the eagle representing strength, courage, power, and bravery. The most commonly used in Aztec tattoos are Animal tattoos. Most of the people get Aztec Tattoos without knowing its meaning because it looks great while some of them get the Aztec Tattoos to show respect to the great ancient civilization.

Preferable body parts to get the Aztec tattoos

Aztec Tattoos are mostly bigger in size and has a lot of details. People usually do these tattoos on areas which can provide a lot of space. The most common areas for placement are the legs and arms. Such areas provide a lot of space. People also opt for thighs, back, neck, hand, chest and even feet while getting these tattoos.

Trending Tattoos

  • Aztec Armband Tattoo

The Aztec armband tattoo includes a lot of elements and is one of the most popular Aztec Tattoos. It includes different types of armbands that involve different symbols and tribal designs in black and grey. Some of the important symbols used include dragons, pots, triangles etc.

  • Mexican Aztec Tattoo

The Mexican tattoo involves a mixture of cultures. There are some striking symbols and designs involved in this tattoo including a shaman along with many tribal designs all around it. It’s usually circular in shape and solid grey and black in color.

  • Aztec Skull Warrior Tattoo

The Aztec skull tattoo is something that is intense as well as dramatic. It has all the dramatic elements like a warrior in a fight scene with dragon above the warrior’s skull. There are also other elements which bring out the dramatic and realistic features of this tattoo. 

  • Tribal Woman Aztec Tattoo

The tribal woman Aztec tattoo has half of the face of a woman tattooed on your body which portrays the beautiful features of the woman. The realistic look of this tattoo is due to the extra care of the tattoo-making process.

  • Aztec Sun Motif Tattoo

The Aztec sun motif tattoo is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a small or medium-size tattoo. This includes a very rustic sun motif tattoo along with some tribal designs encircling it. 

  • Aztec Tattoos of Dragon
Dragons are one of the most important symbols present in Aztec tattoos. So if you want to go for a tattoo that is meaningful, then the best option for you is the Aztec dragon tattoo. This tattoo involves a reddish and grey inked dragon with flared wings holding a red-inked cactus. The cactus could spark up the negative and dark meaning in this tattoo. This tattoo is the perfect representation of the Aztec civilization. It is something you shouldn’t miss out on if you want to add a cultural and dramatic design to your tattoo collection.
  • Aztec Tattoos of Animals

These are the most common Aztec tattoos but it makes you look bold and intense. It includes animals such as crocodile, lion, elephant etc. All including tribal Aztec designs around them. They represent strength, courage, bravery etc. and helps to remind you to stay strong at all times.


Aztec tattoos are one of the most unique and popular tattoos nowadays. People love getting them. Modern Aztec tattoos involve different types of geometrical and abstract designs which makes us look bold and strong. Most of the common symbols include some Aztec Gods, eagles and other animals. These tattoos make us stand out in the crowd because of their unique designs. We just have to be careful while choosing the designs and opt for what suits us the best.