Andres D Alessandro Tattoos & Their Meanings


Andrés Nicolás D’Alessandro is an Argentinian footballer. His position is as an attacking midfielder. He is famous for his dribbling ability and creativity while juggling the ball. He won a gold medal for Argentina in the 2004 Summer Olympics Tournament alongside Javier Mascherano and Victor Cuesta. Andres isn’t left behind in the body inking field as well and he has a body with luring tattoos just like his other footballer counterparts. Let us take a look at Andres D Alessandro tattoos and what the meaning behind them is. 

Andres D Alessandro Tattoos on his body

Jesus Angel Tattoo of Andres D Alessandro

Where?: Left Shoulder 

Jesus Angel represents the shadowed imagery of Jesus Christ on crucifixion surrounded by angel wings on sides. The tattoo shows the deep connection and religious attitude of Andres towards God and how he wants them to bless him every step of the way. Jesus Christ is the supreme God of Christians and this tattoo is the devotion towards his power, justice, and the sacrifice he made for the sake of all mankind. This tattoo symbolizes the protection of the wearer in the form of an angel. 

Trophy Tattoo of Andres D Alessandro

Where?: Thigh

Andres got this trophy tattoo to mark his victory for Sport Club International in the 2010 Copa Libertadores in which he was the man of the match. He also got another trophy tattoo in 2016.

Praying Hands Tattoo

Where?: Upper Right Arm

The praying hands and rosary beads tattoo portray Andres’ faith in the power of prayer and in Jesus. It represents dedication to his family, loved ones, and his own self. Rosary Beads represent Virgin Mary and this tattoo in its entirety symbolizes that he is a devout Catholic Christian. 

Own Portrait Tattoo of Andres D Alessandro

Where?: Stomach 

Andres has a portrait of himself inked on the lower-left region of his stomach. This is also one of the weirdest tattoos on footballers’ bodies. 

Sacred Heart Tattoo

Where?: Inner Side of his left bicep 

The sacred heart is a symbol that is most revered among the Roman Catholics and represents the divine and unconditional love of Jesus for all of humanity and mankind. Jesus showed his undying love for humanity by sacrificing himself. This tattoo shows the religious beliefs of Alessandro as a Roman Catholic. 

Boy playing football Tattoo

Where?: Back

Andres hasn’t really shown this tattoo in public. This tattoo has been made public once through social media. The tattoo shows a little boy aiming a football towards the goal post which is a representation of himself in the field during training sessions. There are multiple footballs tattoos on his body and one of the most famous ones is the one on his right leg. 

Baby Jesus Tattoo

Where?: On his left forearm

There is a light portrait of a sleeping baby inked on Andres’ left forearm which is the representation of baby Jesus hugged by his mother, the Virgin Mary. She portrays the image of a person with unconditional love and the heavenly motherly love people yearn for. 

Flying Dove Tattoo

Where?: Upper side of his left arm

The flying dove tattoo on the upper side of his left arm is symbolic of peace and harmony. It also represents the symbol of victory, love, and God’s will. Andres wears this tattoo as a symbol of freedom in his life.  

Compass with roses Tattoo

Where?: Right Forearm

Andres’ right forearm is inked with roses and a compass tattoo on the top. This tattoo symbolizes the guidance towards a right direction and right path in your life it helps individuals navigate towards righteousness and the truth. 


Andres D’Alessandro has some of the most versatile and creative tattoos on his arm. Just like his Argentinian counterparts, Andres also loves linking his body with nostalgic moments, motivational incidents, religious beliefs, and tragedies. He has inspired his fans to get their bodies inked just the same. His tattoos are mentioned as some of the most talked about tattoos in the South American states.