Alberto Gilardino Tattoos & Their Meanings


Alberto Gilardino is a former Italian football player and a manager. He is currently the head coach of Siena, which is a Serie D club. Alberto has played in the top football leagues in Italy for some great clubs like Florrentina, Genoa, Palermo, etc. as a striker. Talking about his tattoos, he has got multiple tattoos inked on his body, some of the best ones are listed below. Let’s have a look at Alberto Gilardino tattoos.

Alberto Gilardino Tattoos on his body

‘G’ Tattoo

Where?: On his right wrist 

While the exact meaning of this one is unknown, it is speculated that the ‘G’ stands for his surname, or the names of his three daughters that also start with G, Ginevra Gilardino, Gemma Gilardino, and Giulia Gilardino. 

Daughter names Tattoo of Alberto Gilardino

Where?: Inner right forearm 

Gemma, Giulia, and Ginevra are the names that are on his inner right forearm. He loves his daughters a lot so he got their name tattoos. 

Football Tattoo of Alberto Gilardino

Where?: inner right bicep

This tattoo shows Alberto’s love for football, his dedication to the game. 

Star Tattoo of Alberto Gilardino

Where?: On his elbow 

Wrist band Tattoo

Where?: On his left wrist


Where?: On his forearm 

‘Peppa Pig’ Tattoo

Where?: inner side of his left bicep 

This is a tattoo of a famous cartoon character, Alberto got this on inked in the year 2013 for his daughters because it was their favorite cartoon character. 

Flower Tattoo

Where?: inner bicep 

There is multiple red flowers tattoo on his inner bicep surrounding butterflies. Flowers represent love, freshness, friendship, and hope. 

Santa Claus Tattoo

Where?: On his left bicep

There’s a small Santa Claus cartoon inked in color on his left bicep. It is speculated that he got this one for his daughters. 

Butterfly Tattoo

Where?: On his right tricep 


Alberto has got pretty interesting tattoos on his body, the majority of which show his love for football and his daughters, Ginevra Gilardino, Gemma Gilardino, and Giulia Gilardino. He really loves his daughters which are seen on the field or by looking at the tattoos for them.