Best Spartan Tattoos & Their Meanings

Spartan Tattoos

Large parts of the opposing forces of the city-states of Greece met instant defeat during the Spartan war. The Spartans, during a particular period, were the most experienced as well as the strongest of all. They used to carry large spears, chest plates, bronze cuirasses, leg greaves, shields, and helmets as their battle equipment. These … Read more

Best Butterfly Tattoos & Their Meanings

butterfly tattoos

Butterflies are delicate as well as bold species with colorful designs on their wings. It is one of the most beautiful creatures on the planet. They’re unique in their own way and so are we. Hence, butterfly tattoos are the best way to display one’s uniqueness. There are thousands of species of butterflies. Hence, there … Read more

Billy Bob Tattoos & Their Meanings

Billy Bob Tattoos

William Robert Thornton, also known as Billy Bob Thornton was born in Hot Springs, Arkansas on 4th August 1955. He married five times and has 5 children. He is a famous American actor, writer, director, and musician known for his versatility and unique personality. Thornton married Angelina Jolie in 1999, but they divorced in 2003. … Read more

10 Best Dragon Tattoos & Their Meanings

Best Dragon Tattoos

Dragon tattoos are very powerful symbols as per the Asian culture. According to the western world, dragon tattoos demonstrate evil, danger, and darkness. In Chinese and Japanese culture, dragon tattoos are to showcase power, strength, and the unrelenting spirit of man. There are so many different dragon tattoo ideas to choose from. So, people must … Read more

Thomas Almeida Tattoos & Their Meanings

Thomas Almeida Tattoos

Introduction Thomas Almeida is a famous Brazilian professional mixed martial artist. He has various tattoos which are quite famous among his fans. Thomas started his professional MMA career in November, 2011. He currently is competing in the Bantamweight division. The MMA personality is also known as Thomasinhas. The most famous of Thomas Almeida tattoos is … Read more

Steven Brault Tattoos & Their Meanings

Steven Brault Tattoos

Steven Joseph Brault (born on 29th April 1992) is a professional baseball pitcher from America. He is a pitcher for the Pittsburgh Pirates of Major League Baseball (MBL). He is a tattoo lover and has got several tattoos on his body which we will explore in this article. Let’s look at some of the Steven … Read more

Marvin Vettori Tattoos And Their Meanings

Marvin Vettori Tattoos

Introduction Marvin Vettori (born on 20th September 1993) is a mixed martial artist from Italy. He currently competes in the Middleweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). He is also a former Venator FC Welterweight champion. Marvin is #2 in the UFC Middleweight Rankings as of 25th October 2021. He has several tattoos which … Read more

Dale Mehmet Tattoo Ideas & Their Meanings

Dale Mehmet Tattoo

Introduction Dale Mehmet is a famous model with a blended nationality who gained popularity after participating in season 7 of Love Island. He is a hair hairstylist by profession who has learnt the skills by watching other barbers and by working under a few of them. As a model, Mehmet has collaborated with big brands … Read more

Kid Cudi Tattoo Ideas & Their Meanings

Kid Cudi Tattoos

Introduction Scott Ramon Seguro Mescudi (also known as Kid Cudi) is an American rapper, actor, singer, and record producer. He started as a rapper in the year 2003. He wanted to join the Navy but his career choices did not go as planned because of his juvenile police record. Other than ra, he also explores … Read more

Joanna Angel Tattoo Ideas & Their Meanings

Joanna Angel Tattoo

Introduction Joanna Mostov, aka Joanna Angel, is an American pornographic and mainstream actress, director, and writer of adult films. In April 2002, she founded a website called along with her roommate Mitch Fontaine. She is popular for helping in the growth of the alt-porn genre. Joanna is one of the most common faces of … Read more