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Is It Safe To Pick A Scab?

Please notice, picking a scab could ruin your tattoo. You could take the ink and leave you with an ugly ink less scar in its place when you pick a scab on a tattoo. Is not possible for your tattoo artist to fix all the damage, it depends on the damage occured. There’s a good chance it still won’t look as good as the original coloring, if they can tattoo back over the scar. It’s best to leave the scab alone and wait for it to fall off on its own, as difficult as that may be.

Most of us realize that removing scabs prematurely can lead to scarring, but it’s usually not enough to prevent us from doing that anyway, even if it causes pain or bleeding. In fact, I think it is worse when you get temptation a scab on a tattoo. Your tattoo look a big ugly pile of dried blood and fluids, it’s not look attractive on beautiful tattoo.

Notice after taking a shower, may your tattoo scabbing are very soft. They can be easily torn and can soak up a lot of water. At least half an hour until it’s had time to dry, then you can reduce apply lotion to your tattoo. A small amount of lotion can reduce the pain on your softening the scab, from tugging against the skin but you still don’t want it to come off until it’s ready.

Tattoo Scabbing can be the birthplace of infection. You may be starting to get infection if it is tender and/or hot to the touch, there is redness surrounding the scab or you can see pus oozing out from under the scab. Adding sea salt to the hot compress and applying it will help draw out pus. After several minutes apply an antibacterial ointment or spray – I actually recommend Bactine spray, which also contains lidocaine to ease pain and itching. If the infection doesn’t improve in a day or two, see your doctor. At this point, your health is more important than preserving the look of the tattoo.


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